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Willie Nelson

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. I am trying to get my buddy Willie to sing at my fourth of july party. I think him and Merle are going to show up. All he asked was to make sure he had a place to crash if he over does it. I told him he could sleep in my bed if he wanted to. I know i'll be up for at least three days!
  2. Where are you in TN, cause I live in those parts too... You know Willie Nelson? Cool! I bet he gets awesome bud.
  3. That is so damn awesome Willie nelson rocks. =)

  4. I live just west of Nashville.About 20 miles west.

    I know alot of the singers that live out here.

    Willie has his own strain of weed. I don't think he buys any weed.

    Yea IceCreamKid he is cool as hell! Best FOF around!
  5. OOOOH MAN. usually im not one to BEG invitations....but man can i come? i swear i wont oggle your celebs.
    oh man.,oh man.
    if you do get an ingrown toenail i can help ya :) hehe just ask my man.
    id behave myself and all that....
    kisssin butt.....
    love higha
  6. Geebus Bud Head, as I've said before, you are one lucky guy!! I'd also help Highawatha tend to any personal care needs ya might have!! AND I could play Sax, and do back-up vocals for "The Re-Headed Stranger"(even if Willie,s pretty gray now, LOL), and ole' Merle!!
    After gettin' to meet BPP, I got an urge to meet more Blades(critter's already approved a visit, if I can figure out how to "stowaway" on a transport there LOL)!! And Tenn. just isn't that far from Louisiana!! :wave: :smoking:
  7. Highya and cowboy bring yalls asses on. plenty of room down here on the farm. Bring your soul mates, weed, beer, whiskey, or what ever ya need.

    I'll have Bar-B-Q, hot wings, Fish, and plenty of fun times so come on down if ya want to have some fun!

    Willie is a go as of now. Merle doesn't want to say for sure this early in the game.

    BPP yes she will be here if she doesn't have to be in LA. Naomie Judd will be here too. You talking about fun just come on down and visit!

    And one more thing. Donations for fire works this year has been outstanding!!!! So far there will be 6,320.00 woth of fire works set off. I do love alot of bang when having fun!!!

    Critter, critter2, and Pompus ass if ya don't show you'll miss one hell of a party!!!!!
  8. If Ashley Judd shows up you can definately count on me crashing your party:smoke:
  9. What about a birthday cake for my sweet baby girl? I don't know if my wife wants to celebrate our kids birthday by watching me act like a fool around Ashley Judd. "course that would be a good story for the papers "Local Man celebrates daughters birthday by getting a restraining order sworn out on him by movie star Ashley Judd"

  10. Ya forgot to add the last line in the newspaper story, "Then shot repeatedly by Classy, but enraged wife!" lol :smoking:

  11. If you sweet heart baby girl wants a B-Day cake, then she'll get one!!

    If momma puff gets in your way, we'll have willie to occupie her time. He knows how to sweet talk a woman!!!!

  12. Nay, she's a slice-n-dicer not a shooter!

    And no I will not let Willie sweet talk Momma while I chase Ashley away from me!

  13. Cool, that way we won't be worried about stray bullets!! :smoking:
  14. you'll be chasing Ashley away from you? Yea right!

    You won't even know mommas around! hahaha

  15. my soulmates m.i.a. would it be allright is i brought my husband? LOL

    i just coulnt helpmyself....
    if we had a babysitter, budhead id drag ma man to your party...he laughed at me when i told him ashley judd was gonna be there :D
    maybe he could just babysit muhahaha
    jokin people,jokin people

  16. Bring the hubby on down here girl! Or leave him what ever you wish.
    the thing is you need to show up!
  17. woo sounds like quite a BBQ goin' on over there, what a site watchin BPP stumble over words standin' between Ashley Judd & his wife :D
    Can't wait to see the pictures!!

  18. A man's got a right to dream, don't he? LOL
  19. You just keep on Dreamin' BPP!!! lol

    I"M goin'!!!! :hello: :hello: :smoking:
  20. i could almost quote you the milage.
    its been way too long since weve been to your beautiful state.
    if i take my glases off an squint my eyes one could "almost mistake my rolling coulntryside for yours,...almost.

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