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WILLIAMS wonder--:-0--

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by skateskunked, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. just seen 2 zips of willys finest , super sticky , very fresh smelling , with a hint of i belive lemon. very light bud . there were alot of yellow super dried leaves on this bud thou , dont know wat hte probelm was but it still gets ya baked . its 2 am im goin to bed erryone , ill check back in the morning

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  2. Aside from the yellowness it looks like some dank bud.
  3. it is some serious dank , people from around the corner to hit that
  4. i know what the yellow is. when the grower was growing that the marijuana plant had a nutrient deficiency and some of its leaves started dying. (yellow leaves) doesnt matter too much but most people tend to trim these off. i dont believe this really effects the bud.
  5. if im not mistaken when i plantb is towards the end of flowering it produces yellow leaves (im high) not sure if thats what poster said.
  6. it doesn't PRODUCE yellow leaves, when cannabis is flowering a majority of its energy is spent on bud development and the plant begins to wilt. just like fall, the leaves will turn colors etc.

    nutrient deficiency is also a factor as greck1 stated. near the end of flowering, before harvest, growers who are feeding the plant nutrients, will "flush" the plant. this means that about 2 weeks before they chop off the buds, they stop giving it nutrients and simply water using...well...water. they do this so that your herb doesn't taste like chemicals.

    nice sticky buds though, +rep.
  7. One of my favorite strains, but here's the golden question though: What does it taste and smell like?
    I ask because thats not what the willys usually looks like, but I don't doubt it is.
  8. beautiful. is it outdoor?
  9. Oh my god.

    I LOVED smoking William's Wonder.

    Dude...if it's the same strain as you say it is, you've GOT to tell us the smell/taste to solidify your claim.
  10. looks good mayn
  11. i just took a milkshot of the sick bowl from the dead show . pics came out good , but ill post them when i get the camera cord tonite.

    my boys opinion who just smoked it for the gc report..
    taste: sort of piny? and it taste kind of like it smells. i cant really describe it...
    smell: a little lemony, yet sweet.

    My opinion
    taste: i havent smoked it yet and cant for a minute so i couldnt report.
    smell:ultra piney / lemony a lil ,.

    i trust the grower , all his strains have been legit to date. check my other pickups ,
    all my posts are indoor , lately .


  12. I have only had the pleasure of having Williams Wonder once, and it was some dank ass shit.
    To be honest it was so smelly, that if I opened a bag of this shit, my parents would smell it from 2 floors below me with the doors closed. I don't care if no one believes me, but its true, this bud smells through 6 ziploc bags. Yeah you heard me right, 6 fucking ziplocs,

    + rep for posting bud I haven't seen in years.
  13. Oh no, it smelled wonderful.

    Tasted even better.

    High waas pro as shit.

    Fuckin' great smoke.
  14. I should be getting an 1/8th of this tonight. Sounds like I'm in for a treat.
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    I heard about this strain my big homie had sum, said its so sticcy it fuccs up your blunt/joint.

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