Will you smoke forever?

Discussion in 'General' started by BugPoop, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. I personally don't THINK I'll smoke forever. But that's just because I want to join the military.
    What about you guys??

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  2. No but I could easily see myself vaping forever :smoke:
  3. i already quit smoking weed.
    but i still smoke weed.
  4. I will smoke as long as I can until the bullshit employment drug test laws change. Who gives a shit what I do after work or on the weekends, if it does not cause my work to suffer?
  5. If I can find bud following armageddon, yes.
  6. Idk ahah I always say no I won't but I don't see an end in sight 😯 Hopefully I didn't jinx it. Oh shit I'm jinxing myself so hard rn..

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  7. Yes

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  8. And ever.
  9. Forever and a day.
  10. Yep unless by some act of god or genetic disposition my lungs should not function properly anymore. But then I would eat hella edibles

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  11. There will be some times when I toke less, and times when I toke all the time, but I don't think I will ever completely stop.
  12. I'm trying to become a firefighter so no, unless laws change.

    Plus I sorta quit a while back due to anxiety issues. Can't smoke until I have access to strain types with high CBD low THC.
  14. I guess I will find out
  15. All I can say is I'll smoke till I can't smoke no more. Idk when or under what circumstances but I know if i stop it won't be my choice

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  16. yea, why the fuck would i quit???? only way ill quit smoking is if it become legal and I had so much of it I could cook everything with it rather than smoke.
    grow your own??
  17. Yes, well hopefully...:smokin:
  18. Considering the advantages it has over many illnesses caused by age I seriously doubt I'll ever stop.
  19. If it were possible, I'd also smoke weed in the after life.

    "Everything is better when u are high"

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