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Will you get high as long as your inhaling the smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 123mac123, May 2, 2011.

  1. When I smoke weed I breath in the smoke, but really have no idea at that point how the thc is absorbed into my body. Does Thc absorb through your lungs? Does all the smoke have to be in your lungs? If the smoke isnt in the right place, will the thc not get absorbed?

  2. The thc is abosorbed through your lungs into your blood stream. Remember you dont have to smoke to get high you can also eat it. As long as your body digests it you will get stoned.
  3. How can you ensure the smoke is going to go to your lungs and stay in your lungs? what if it stays in your throat or mouth?
  4. If your coughing then your doing it right. lol
  5. Rastas sometimes circulate the smoke from in the mouth to the back of the throat and out of the nose without actually inhaling it into the lungs.They still get high because the smoke is passing over the nasal membranes,though I would imagine it`s not as effective as inhaling.Also,it`s a myth that you have to hold it in for a long time,just inhale deeply in and out and that`s all it takes.
  6. when you're taking a hit inhale straight air immediately after taking your hit, before exhaling. This will push any smoke in your throat/mouth down into your lungs.
  7. What if you take a hit that makes your lung incapable of having more air? Like a minute long hit... How does that work Zip?

  8. It doesn't
  9. This :smoke:
  10. If you don't know how to inhale smoke into your lungs, you're a moron.

  11. You don't take a minute long hit, take a hit big enough that you will still be able to inhale fresh oxygen to get the THC to the longs and successfully absorbed :smoke:
  12. mouth --> lungs --> pulmonary vein --> heart --> systemic circulation (bloodstream) --> brain NOW YOU HIGH BITCH

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