Will You Ever Give Up Drugs Completely?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Black_Chamber, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. will there ever come a point where you just say 'fuck this shit' and give up drugs completely?

    I dont think that day will ever come for me
  2. all, but weed :cool:

    maybe take a solidarity-Tbreak through pregnancy, but that's about it :smoke:

    the rest i can do without
  3. life always changes, im sure i will give up weed pretty soon actually. being that im joining the marines.. but will never be severely anti weed it was a fun thing to do while it lasted
  4. just as long as i never get out of hand with any drug, i don't see the point in ever completely quitting.
    taking long breaks, yes.
  5. Agreed. I think that as long as I can keep my drugs use under control, I will continue to do them for the rest of my life (sporadically).
  6. i will stop vicodin and endocet
    but not my old faithful weed
  7. I can't answer this because I don't no. Im staying off weed for the next 2 weeks for my job and I enjoy my yearly summer trips on acid. And the occasional nod every few months so maybe but probably not
  8. I didnt tell people i started doing drugs, so why should i quit for others?

    Ill quit when i want to
  9. No, at least I don't plan on it at this point. I definitely want to keep smoking weed as long as I can and I'd like to trip on acid at least once a year for the rest of my life.
  10. Well Ill smoke weed till I die and I have no doubt in that at all.

    Ill probably drink for most of my life, but in moderation.

    Phycs while im young, but after I have a family I doubt ill do them again.

    When Im old like 75+ I might start poppin pills again too, but Idk.
  11. I've reached the conclusion that drugs will most likely be till the death of myself. Ain't stressing it much really. Came close to death plenty of times in my life. Its awesome and it sucks at the same time.
  12. if i reach the age of 70 and marijuana isn't yet legalized, there is a good chance i may not have an easy time finding weed- but i guess you can always grow.

    really depends on how marijuana politics will evolve- but that is probably the only drug i would stick with long term. even know i don't really do much else -except on special occasion
  13. No, I'll never give up my drug use. Well, at least my use of entheogens, because they serve a huge purpose in my life.

    I may stop doing the occassional like of coke or ketamine eventually, though.
  14. i dont plan on it, but im sure i will quit dropping acid and all of that but im planning on toking until i die. who knows i could change my mind tomorrow and give it up. but as for now, i love gettin fucked up
  15. i couldnt vote for anything here...bc weed is not a drug...i will unfortunately have to quit weed for at least a couple to a few years...but then ill gte back on board eventually...but i will probly stop dropping acid except for maybe idk once or twice a year cuz most drug tests dont detect acid...ill definetly stop doing xtc tho, but not yet hahah
  16. Weed is most certainly a drug, according to the definition of such.

    Just because it is a plant doesn't mean it isn't a drug.
  17. meh

    weed is a drug kid
  18. the weed isn't a drug argument is old- lol

    it is a mind altering substance . opiates also come from a plant

  19. lol i dont give a shit what the definition of a drug is...weed isnt a drug and thats that
  20. lol then in that case heroin isnt a drug either

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