Will you be growing your own weed once it's legalized?

Discussion in 'General' started by CanopyGains, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    I'm just doing a quick survey to see how popular home growing will be. Already have over 600 responses!

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  2. There's no option for me:(....i already grow
  3. Already doing it legally :)

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  4. I'd probably be paying staff to do it. :cool:
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  5. IMA criminal and will continue to be one after legalization.
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  6. My place is already legalized

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  7. Where are the 600 responses? [​IMG]
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  8. I'm in a med/rec state.
    I have legal status to grow in/on my personal property and have 3.5 oz of cannabis.
    2.5 for my wife's medical use and 1 oz for my own recreational use.
  9. depends on the price. i can grow way cheaper right now

    i could see myself buying here and there to try out different strains though
  10. I live in a legal state, so I could now if I wanted to do so. That being said I am not growing at the moment because I do not have the space in my home or yard to dedicate to a grow. Once we get a larger place away from town, then a large greenhouse is going up. Prices are low enough here that I really don't mind buying it until my living situation changes.
  11. I'm hpoing i would grow however many plants allowed in my backyard and allow anyone to come have some of the harvest.

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  12. I can legally grow now (medical + canadian), but don't have the space. Hopefully one day though!
  13. A 2x2x6 doesn't take up much space and could yield you a decent personal harvest.

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  14. Just became legal for me so it was a no brainer. I've wanted to for years. I'm more in it for the grow to be honest. I feel like they are my pets. When I'm driving home I get excited so I can go check on them. Provided it stays legal, I'll probably grow for the rest of my life.
  15. That depends on what you call a decent personal harvest. It's not worth 3 - 4 months worth of time, effort, and waiting to just get a couple of ounces in my opinion.
  16. You can get more than a couple of ounces in a 2x2... o_O

    What effort? They don't take that much damn time out the day not when you only have one or two plants lol... water 1-2 times a week and make sure she doesn't get sad...

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    If you can pull a lot more than a couple of ounces out of a 2 x 2, then why were you "hoping" to get 5 -6 oz out of your 4 x 2?

    You are only fitting one good plant in a 2 x 2. You can try to run a mini scrog or sog to maximize space, but it can still be filled easily by one plant. Lighting / heating becomes an major issue in smaller spaces. If you want to run a large enough light to get more than a couple of ounces, it's going to put out a large amount of heat for the given area. Sure there are ways to cool the area, but it still a pain compared to a larger area. If you are actually limiting the grow to that 2 x 2, then that also means no clones, and no separate veg area. You couldn't even get a decent perpetual harvest going if you used autos, because most of those are well over 60 days from harvest. For perpetual you would need three in rotation. Three aren't fitting well in a 2 x 2 even if you do find a solution to the issue of height difference between a seedling and a matured plant.

    We are all different, but small grows like that aren't worth it to me. I would rather just buy my weed, and invest my time and space in something other than a mini grow. Over all they are too much of a pain in the ass.
  18. Yes, if it were legal here, I'd grow.

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  19. Who knows.. Maybe one day I'll grow when it's legal..

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    Because of my lighting and veg time. I'm getting more than 6 ounces out of this 4x2 on my first run in it.. im on track to hit close to 7oz this grow.. next grow I plan on scrogging and adding another light and aiming for 12oz.... you can easily get 6 ounces out of a 2x2...

    If the individual only smokes an ounce a month... (plenty on grasscity smoke around that much) then a 6 ounce harvest isn't a bad deal...

    Where did you get 5-6 ounces from? I don't remember saying 5-6 lol I remember saying 6-8 I believe though o_O could be wrong I may of said 5-6 awhile back for I had a good understanding.

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