Will Yahooka be back?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Bud Head, Mar 3, 2002.


Will Yahooka be back?

  1. Yes

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  2. Maybe

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  3. No to much BS going on there

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  4. who knows

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  1. Just a poll to see what every one thinks!
  2. I didnt like there forums, To confusing etc. Just didnt like it. So I just dont care. I think ill just toke right here. =)

  3. Who cares? I live at Grasscity, nicer folks here!!! :hippie:
  4. Critter i agree with what you say! Lunaria and I used to talk through e-mail long ago. I talked to her once after she changed the layout of the site. I believe that to be the biggest problem of any site. The people who run the site should at least make themselves shown just as SuperJoint does.

    I e-mailed her 20-30 times before the site went down this time. I never herd from her.

    Never the less i would like to see the site up and running again. There were a few of us that were trying to get the site back under the moderators control.
  5. yeah your right, it's kinda nice to have a home away from home...:smoking:....just got to be too hateful there...:smoking:
  6. I've been wondering the same thing, will yahooka be back? I don't think so this time. Just too much bullshit. I hate the thought of no more yahooka as that is where I got to know so many of you, but at least you're all here now :). I'm really glad grasscity is here.
  7. There's no place like home....click....click....click..LOL!! :hippie:
  8. I don't know exactly what is going on over there, but it seems they are being targeted.

    I also know nothing about running a website and what it takes to keep it running and secure, but I remember seeing threads (presumably from the hacker or hackers them selves) where yahooka is running an insecure system.

    Those threads probably just prompted others to zoom right in and fuck with them all the more.

    My guess is that they are going to have to either stay offline or upgrade to something more secure. I think they'll come back. It's popular enough, IMO.

    Man, it's almost concerning to have my registration info over there right now, frankly. How many people now have my ip address? (Not that it's that sacred, but hey, they were not supposed to be able to get to that kind of shit)

    Hell, I didn't even know they were back offline again until I heard it from this site. I discovered this site (when it was the coffeeshop) at yahooka. Which is really quite a coincidence. I had just recently discovered yahooka when I found a thread asking for mods for over here.

    The rrrrrrrrest is history. (And hopefully the future as well!)
  9. Cowboy keep clicking those red slippers! One day maybe you'll get back to Kansas!

    My stony sweetheart, i was thinking the same thing. To many people didn't understand that a web site is a privaledge and not for bull shit! I can't help but think that Zig Zag Man and Lunaria just got fed up with the childish bull shit!

    Lucky for us we have found a wonderfull place here at Grasscity. The bull shit is not allowed here. I think this will be the site of the furture! We all can thank SuperJoint, Keys, and all the other administrators and owners and moderators!
  10. What the Kansas remarks, Stoners live here too.
  11. So you think they chose to take it off line?

    A possibility I wasn't really taking seriously. But hell, it's possible.
  12. I thought that it crashed, but i could be wrong. Stranger things happen all the time
  13. I don't know if they took it off line but with all the trouble going on I just feel they may not bring it back again. Lunaria wasn't spending much around the site and Zig Zag Man wasn't coming around either.

    Bongburner, I was talking about clicking heals and "The Wizard of Oz". Nothing against Kansas at all!

    Good Day All!
  14. I'm sure they just got sick of fighting the bullshit, too BudHead. That was my thought, that the owners of the site decided it wasn't worth it anymore. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if this is the end of our Yahooka.
  15. yup..just a little wiz of Oz humor..I like Kansa's, lots of cornfields for growin' undercover crops!!....and Bud Head, those aren't red slippers you're hearing click(I save them for SPECIAL occasions..lol) ....those are Tony Llama's...:smoking: .............................................unoit, you are completely right!!! I was very Blazed when I posted "who cares, I live at Grasscity", but does not excuse me from being apathetic concerning the problems at Yahooka. Met alot of ya'll there, and have friends there I haven't had contact with since their abscence! But was gettin' uncomfortable there with attacking posts, talk of the hacking, and threats of violence!! Thanks UNOIT for reminding me the ignorance that apathy can create!!...........FREE THE HERB!!!!....:hello:...:hello:...Best wishes to all at yahooka :wave: :smoke:
  16. I miss my yahooka. I met most of you all there too. I miss Dr Greenthumb. I miss a few of the shitheads too.

    I have read alot of strange things there. Some people will do anything to get high. Now I have done some stupid shit, but there a few there that take the cake.

    I am glad to see the Govenor made it the city to find us. I hope he visits more often. I have noticed that OUR city pop has been growing and growing. Lets keep it mowed and trimmed here.

    I enjoy this site mostly because I have no fear of being "flamed" for being myself. I think that is important in a place where people are different and also have similar interests.

    My first time being here, I was alone, except for Superjoint. I was like whoa...the man himself. I knew it was going to be different here.

    I am glad Smokieokie tolds us to come here. I owe him a big thank you.

    Peace and Love, nate.
  17. I find it very difficult to speculate,,whether it will be back or not...yet I do hope it returns. Many of us "Die Hards" will return again to post,,when ,and if it comes back. I have been working so much on an out of town building job in the last month,,I have only been home 4 days total.,,leaving virtually no time for me to be at my usual forums.(anybody miss me...lol) Reading this post informed me what was going on as to why I could not bring the site up....

    I do agree with unoit,,we all need to have these sites to assist the fight for freedom of Life Liberty and The persuit of Herbal Happiness.....

    And I do enjoy the relationships and respect that has always been present here at GrassCity,,,as always,, my hat tips to superjoint as well as all the staff,,,for providing this forum,,,and giving it that all important personal presence..

    Why do you want to get banned for spamming so badly... :hide: 
  19. Really enjoying the new look of this site. 

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