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Will weed hurt that bad the first time or will it just make me cough?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dabestway, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Okay, so I am ganna try da blunts. First, I trying to do some re search if it is ganna physically ganna hurt or it just makes me cough? Like I don't wanna fck my self up to bad ya know? Just looking for some insight on this.

  2. I lost a finger my first time =\
  3. Itll burn a little. You are breathing in smoke. But its really not that bad
  4. The first time I smoked a blunt, I passed out. On my way down, I grabbed onto the doorknob of my closet. The door swung open and next thing I know I'm in Narnia talking to some lion.
  5. dude, you are on coke.
  6. Seen multiple people die the first time they smoked.
  7. There is no way possible OP is 18...not with the way he just posted....either that or its a fed trying to act like a weird ass
  8. be careful, the hot air can burn the inside of your lungs.
    if you overdoze, you'll couch uncontrollably,
    followed by pure newb euphoria.

    side effects may include:
    beautiful music playing in your ears,
    insightful thinking,
    laughter, and happiness.

    Don't eat all the food in your mom's kitchen...

    If you're into Jazz,
    a good album can blow your mind...

    I guess pink floyd works too, but to each his own :p
  9. haha chill bro he aint hurtin nobody

    but yeah you'll find the more it hurts the better in the end because you end up getting higher anyways the bigger hits you take so it counters the extra pain with extra high .

    also depends if you're smoking mid or regs or high grade .... high grade is a lot better tasting and smoother .

    enjoy doe
  10. He made it seem like he was about to take anal from a guy..
  11. Weed hurts more then child birth, the first time..
  12. aha ight . i aint takin nothing ma manz. naw, i was just wondering bout dis shitt . havent done a joint b4 wanted 2 know if it actually hurt badly.
  13. it's going to hurt like a bitch. your skin will start peeling off in strips and you will eventually bleed out. :rolleyes:
  14. aha prob not as bad as that from what i have heard so far but ahha seems funny.
  15. I died my first time :rolleyes:
  16. yea, friend told me he went into a magical world and saw a unicorn flying over the rainbow in his house, i was like wtf sonn.
  17. Just be careful man and you'll be fine. Have a sitter, so after you inhale a couple times they can watch you until you sober up. It'll definitely hurt, but fight through the pain. Drinking salt water is something a lot of new smokers do to decrease the pain.

  18. why would a fed even bother
  19. Take small hits at first. Don't inhale the way that most newbies do. Instead...

    Suck a little smoke into your mouth. Let it cool. Then breath it into your lungs. Ie.....the same way someone smokes cigarettes. Most newbie cough fits are cause they try to suck directly on the joint straight into their lungs.

    I cough sometimes if I take too big of a hit, and I been smoking for years.'t hurt. I've never experienced any pain smoking weed. Even if you do cough your ass off, shortly after you'll still get high, and enjoy it.

    If you have coughing problems, practice.

    If you smoke a blunt your first time, yes, you will probably cough. Blunts are smooth, but it's easy to get a LOT of smoke off a single puff.
  20. People who tell stories like that.....are lying. Weed has very few hallucinogenic properties.

    I have never seen anything crazy when high. Shit looks cooler, and god damn the woods are a cool place to romp when high....but I never saw anything mythical.

    I might think funny, and deeply, and have some kick ass day dreams while high....but unicorns and shit...that sounds like someone tripping on ambien and Robitussin.

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