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Will weed help me last longer in bed?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by folied, May 2, 2010.

  1. Losing my virginity soon, and we both want to smoke. Will being high make it less painful for her and make me last longer?

  2. Weed is an aphrodisiac so I don't think you'll last longer, alcohol would make you last longer but it might make you last a little too long if you drink too much. As for your girl I don't know, for me anything that hurts hurts more when your high cause your body is more sensitive. Thats just me though.
  3. Should be in the Relationships section. But anyways, no, you'll finish faster because it feels better when you're high. Be sure you do lots of foreplay to make sure she is "lubricated" enough for intercourse, this way it will be as painless as possible for her. Want to last longer? Jack off a couple hours beforehand.
  4. DRINK FIRST You take One drink for every Two drinks she has.
    Once your done and all is good bust out that joint lay back puff and pass contemplate and do it again, and again!!!
  5. How old are you?
  6. I dunno about the above posters, but for me personally it makes me last a lot longer. The first time I smoked before sex with my ex I just couldn't finish, so we finally had to stop from exhaustion lol.
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    Well, you are a virgin so you aren't going to last like the people in porn, and it's going to be quick. If you wear a condom, it will make you last longer than without and drinking will help you last longer aka "liquor dick". Also a guy before me posted the same thing but just backing it up, FOREPLAY is the key with virgins. It will make it more enjoyable for her and it will make it much less painful for her too and even you since you won't have awkward moments where you can't get it in (it's happened to me with my past 3, all virgins).

    But back to smoking and sex...Me personally it doesn't make me last longer or shorter than otherwise, so do what you will...I say just try it sober and smoke afterwards. It's your guys first time, you can't expect this is be a 2 hour session.

    Or fuck sober, smoke, fuck again.
  8. Try wearing more than five condoms at once.
  9. :laughing:
  10. No, it will not make you last longer.
    Trust me.
  11. If she's nervous the weed might make it worse for her.
  12. Weeds good for her but it wont be good for you if you are trying to last longer. Im not recommending u start expirementing w other drugs if u dont have the inclination to but a low-moderate dose of shrooms would make you both feel really happy no matter wat ends up happening. Im saying this only because it seems like you just want you 1st time to be special and a low-moderate dose of shrooms will give u that intense feeling of positivity and happiness without actually 'tripping' which is perfect for u and ur girl. BTW i no that booze numbs pain but it doesnt seem rite to intetionally just get ur girl drunk and go to town but then again i dont know your personal relationship well enough to tell u want would be best for you 2. either way i hope you enjoy your time together wen u decide to get things going:)
  13. In case you took this seriously, do not wear more than one condom.
  14. weed helps me last longer... because you're muscles are relaxed. If you are tense you bust faster.
  15. Weed helps me sometimes, but I think you are much better of having a few drinks first. Either way, if its your first time your probably still going to be pretty quick, so don't stress.
  16. I don't know but last night i came back from town with this girl in my class and we had both drank heavily, we got into my room smoked a J and watched some south park.... Then we fucked and seriously it felt like we was fucking for hoursssss. Oh yeah and this morning she wanted sex again but i was so hungover i couldn't get it up hahaha i loled.

  17. why not? some times there are those chicks where you need to double bag it.
  18. Jack it a couple hours before like someone said. Drink lots of water before hand so afterwards you pee a lot while waiting to go fuck her. That way the sperms still living in your eurethra will be washed out... mostly. That is of course if you intend to pull out, or penetrate for a while then wrap up.
  19. i dont know about anyone else but when i smoke and drink i last longer. but dont overdo it like me then you cant cum lol. i usually smoke joints of tobacco and weed so i dont know if its the pot or the tobacco making me last longer. ahh mysteries of life.
  20. If you just smoke weed, you will explode in 30 seconds. DON'T DO IT.

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