Will weed grow on my plant?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Jamesboo, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. 5AFE31B7-AF36-4C6D-A6CF-DC5102C2BFE6.jpeg 86CEE814-F017-40ED-8C7E-1B3411475DE0.jpeg 6815C3F8-6745-4EC3-9AD9-E5B5269ACD7F.jpeg 0355E688-1D35-49D3-AD2D-636FA7675652.jpeg A03D52FF-6BAC-4934-B478-5DE71934D8D0.jpeg

    It’s in veg with 2 others under a 400watt mh but will it bud? There seems to be too many leaves??

    Also I’ve just topped my plant in about ten places is it meant to be the top one only lol
  2. Well, why not? What’s your concern?
    Photos or autos? All the same seeds?
  3. They aren’t autos and random ones off someone, they came from seed tho as they came as seedlings, I’m hoping they are girlies and that’s my main concern now lol I’m thinking of just flicking them to flower what do you recon?
  4. Why wouldn’t it? You may have to wait for them to show their sex if you aren’t sure if they’re feminized.

    Also, did you really top 10 times or did you just defoliate aka remove leaves. The plant will grow a lot of leaves during the veg state it doesn’t mean you won’t get flower once you flip to 12/12.
  5. Ahh okay great, I topped the plant last week and today just snipped about 10 other tops, is that bad!?
  6. *I* think that you should wait... and watch for flowers all the time get those males out.
  7. Can’t I put them to 12/12 surely I’d find out quicker that way??
  8. Dunno.
    But you can post that question in the hopes that someone in the know will advise.
  9. Yeah that’s pretty high stress on the plant I would wait like 2 weeks and let it fully recover before flipping to 12/12. People usually top it once to start and may do it a few more times depending on if they mainline or not. Having a lot of leaves on the plant during veg is normal because the plant is growing.

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