Will weed cure a hangover?

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    I have never been so hungover in my life. I just wanna know cuz im scared of amplifying it. xD


    \/ \/Story\/ \/

    Well i woke up this morning, underneath a sofa, (someone mustof tipped it over on me lol) I couldnt feel my entire body cuz my head hurt so fucking bad.. theres beer everywhere, and i remember the girls at the party graffiti my chest, I still can barely walk right now. (it was a bitchin party dude. Best Ever.)

    And well, I go outside to get some fresh air cuz the entire floors are soaked in stale beer and the cups on the beer pong table were full, I counted 8 18packs Budweiser, 4 24packs of budlight, 22 different kinds of hard alcohol, (all bone-dry) beer cans/bottles galore on the floor, the house is a fucking disaster. Big time.

    Anyways, i go outside, My antenna is missing off my house, The roof of my GMC Jimmy(not running) is smashed in, (i called a friend earlier that told me i fell off the roof and landed on it, then someone else jumped and went through the windshield)
    My 1999 dodge is PLASTERED with mud, and reeks like slough grass. Then my neighbor told me that we shredded the fuck out of some pasture land outside of town, and it's been the talk of the town all morning. (its sunday, part was saturday)

    I can't hardly breathe my throat hurts so bad, sicker than shit, gahh..

    I have been driving around all morning, (after quickly cleaning the mud off my truck) and went on an apology spree to all the local farmers that had that land.. still cant hardly move.. I have never been so fucking fucked up in my life and I have no idea what I all did. This is first time i never remembered shit like this, and trust me. We party alot come summer time.

    From what i remember as of now, (everything kindof came back to me as i discovered the spoils of war left all over my house and the city) it was the best fucking party I've ever thrown in my life.

    My question is, will a small dose of weed help me escape the hangover long enough to start picking shit up? Or will it amplify and prolly make me faint? lol

    EDIT: Adding pics of the spoils of war.
    (Beer bottle caps stuck to the wall)
    I always set out a coffee can to put the tabs in to count the beers. lmao
    It doesn't look that dirty, but its the fact that it was spotless the day before, and the whole front end was full of grass. Its not heavy mud cuz we were driving through sloughs n ditches.
    The roof of my GMC Jimmy. I mustof jumped off the roof of the garage..
    And THIS. Is the youtube vid someone took that i didn't know about untill now. Im the dude with the green hat, the first arm wrestling match. My friend Has bicepts to beat hell. lmao
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNr-BQAgLGY"]YouTube- Hofer arm wrestling[/ame]
  2. It'll help with the headache, but you really need to get yourself hydrated. Once you're well hydrated it'll be more tolerable.
  3. I wake and bake everytime I have a hang over... and my advice is DO IT..... I smoke as much as possible for the first smoke during the hangover so that the high lasts as long as possible, because once you start coming down you will feel even more spaced out and wanting to go to bed... and just smoking again doesn't really help so much (for me at least).

    but yeah as long as your high you will be able to get some shit done ;) clean up that house lol i know tha feelin you're just like "mannnnn..." while everybody else got to go home and just sleep

    EDIT: Drink a couple of glasses of water while you smoke... I guarantee each gulp of water feels like you're just getting better by the second lol
  4. water + curl up in bed and be thankful you didn't have to work today
  5. i had a massive hangover this morning when i woke up. i rolled up a j smoked it and in 5 mins it went away. that and drinking water since alcohol dehydrates you
  6. And here are the most important bartending tips to cure your hangover:

    • Don't drink more. Many alcohol consumers believe that a small drink (or a beer) will act as a remedy. Well it doesn't. It might give you the illusion that you feel better, but in truth you will only cause unnecessary aggression upon your liver.
    • Coffee is no remedy either: it is a diuretic and a vasoconstrictor. It will only increase the severity of the hangover, so avoid drinking it.
    • A popular remedy is eating raw eggs. This is indeed a remedy, if you can take it. If not, here is a bartending tip: separate the yolk from the white. Put the yolk into a coffee cup, add one teaspoon of sugar and mix till you form a creamy paste. That won't taste so bad. The reason why the yolk works as a remedy is that it contains cysteine - a very important antioxidant and a substance fundamental to help the liver produce glutathione (and fight against the toxic effect of the alcohol).
    • Eating bananas or kiwis will work too. These are rich in potassium and eating them will make up for the loss of potassium caused by the diuretic effect of the alcohol.
    • Last but not least, drink water and juices. Sugar is important to leverage your body's energy so you might want to add some sugar into the water.
  7. My friends got a really cool house for parties but its a bitch to clean up. Me and another friend woke up the one morning there very hungover and went outside and smoked 2 bowls and then started to clean up. we threw away all the cans and cups and I mopped the floor twice, and the place still looked like shit. Three days later we finally had the place completly clean only to throw another party that night.

    So yea usually weed makes me feel fantastic after a hangover, but the other night we just chilled at a friends and smoked and drank a whole bunch, and when one of my friends woke up in the morning he felt like he was gonna throw up so we all went outside and smoked a bowl but after he took his first hit he started throwing up.
  8. smoking is my favorite thing to do to cure a hangover, and it sounds like u had aton of fun my saturday night was boring:devious:
  9. I find it hilarious how smart people are on a weed forum. xD
    Thanks guys. the weed worked, and drank 2 eggs. I actually dumped raspberry juice in the eggs. Tasted absolutely horrible, but the raspberry taste was at least recognizable as something good. lol

    Yeah people keep stopping by and asking how i feel. The weed cured the headache, but im still fucking crippled. xD

    Yeah this was the best party I've ever been to/had. I'm paying for it now. The floors are mopped, but i only got two rooms done. And i got enough beer can tabs to get another keg. (theres a place here, where you bring them 500 can tabs, they give you a free keg) lol

    Just got home. Was driving around apologizing to the farmers for rippin up their shit, they were actually pretty cool about it. "Been there done that, lol who was with you?"
    me: "my cousin Fuzzums and...... i dont remember the other people."
    general response from farmers: "That kindof night ehh? lol"

  10. Smoking always makes me feel better, but it doesn't totally kill it. If I feel nauseated, I eat some greasy pizza :smoking:
  11. Biscuits and gravy, egg's over easy. Great hangover food.
  12. good bud will take care of the hangover man.
  13. Updated with pics and the youtube video of the party. xD
    Yeah.. After finding most of the spoils of War the past 3 days.. I think i remember most of it.
    Twas badass. XD
  14. respect for cruising around and apologising man that was a good move. at least now you can chill knowing you're all sweet with everyone haha nothing worse than shit getting out of hand and ruining your reputation around town in one night hahah

    and the problem is, about 2 months ago, my dad broke into my house and found my grow. I disposed it immediately, cause he told EVERYONE in town about that too. I wanted to transplant outside, but i figured the heat is too high right now and if my neighbors investigate me, (which in this town, people do not have lives of their own, which is why everyones TV is next to their window. So they can watch whos driving around and whatnot)

    I had to kill all of them just so for right now, im innocent. No questions asked. They can "Know" all they want, i aint admitting to shit, and there is no longer evidence. so HA. lol..

    And then this.. been a rough one for me the past 3 months.
  16. been there, done that haha. hope u had fun
  17. i rolled yesterday, and weed definitly helped me come down less hard. last time i rolled i was strung out for over 24 hours and had no appetite the whole time. well yesterday i was out of it, and i smoked a bowl and felt better. then i woke up this morning and felt almost completely normal.

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