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Will weed be as cheap as tobacco?

Discussion in 'General' started by GinoGhoul, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Let's say about 25 years from now, cannabis is legal in all 50 states. Do you think it'll become as cheap as tobacco? Tobacco is mass produced, and can be cheaper than a dollar an ounce when bought in bulk. When I think about this, and consider that this can be possible with weed, it makes my mouth water. My dad, who is completely anti-pot, said so himself, it might even be hard for companies in the future to sell cannabis, due to the fact that everybody who smokes it is going to want to grow it themselves. Do you think pot will ever become as cheap as tobacco? Do you think it might be available just about anywhere, due to the fact that it can be grown nearly everywhere, when it's completely legalized?
  2. Not everyone is willing to go through the trouble of growing but I sure as hell would =)
  3. If its as cheap as tobacco then it'll probably be shitty weed.
  4. I've seen pot grow out of cracks in cement. You'd be amazed by how easily it can be grown, and how complicated most make it out to be. It's a plant like any other
  5. I hope in the future that weed isn't mass-produced in factories and massive farms like cigarettes are. I don't think it'd end up being cheaper than tobacco though considering how weed actually does something for you and tobacco doesn't; there'd be a higher value put on bud due to that. 
    And if the future is like that I'll likely be growing my own bud anyways so it won't matter.
  6. Think about it, a joint would cost just a couple cents. Like with a pack of cigs, 20 for $5. Varying of course from brand to brand. Check these out, http://www.californiafinest420.com/
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    Can only hope but I doubt it.

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