Will we be 100% reliant on technology one day??

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  1. You know how movies make it seem like the distant future has no green life and not really an outdoors and people just basically have no need for certain social interactions that we would say are important today? Those things that you might say "make us human" and what not. The way people are so fascinated with technology now a days, I wonder if the entire world will one day be 100% reliable on technology that people lose sight of what makes them human.Sent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. define technology, because in my opinion, we already are dependent.
  3. not anytime soon, id give it several thousands of years being coddled by technology to get the point of forgetting how to find food and water. and even thats a stretch to be honest. 
  4. [quote name="BladeRunnin" post="19392922" timestamp="1390504501"]not anytime soon, id give it several thousands of years being coddled by technology to get the point of forgetting how to find food and water. and even thats a stretch to be honest. [/quote] I don't think its much of a stretch at all. Look at the huge changes in each generation. We are growing, changing, evolving rapidly all with the help of technology. I'm not saying its a good thing at all. Sent from my HTC VLE_U using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Why isn't thia good? The more our tech advances we learn new things life changing things for.good.more than for bad. medical advances because of technology. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. i think it largely depends on what technology we start to develop. you know like if we start implanting upgraded bodyparts like telescope/microscope eyes then we don't really need mech suits that have those same capabilities.  we made the wheel but if we found some other means of travel before the wheel we might of never seen the wheel and history would of unfolded differently. perhaps i'm not explaining it properly but i guess what i'm saying is technology evolves just like biological organisms. it adapts to the environment and our needs so it depends what our needs are for technology to see what kind of technology we will develop.
     in the end though if we don't eradicate ourselves and aren't eradicated by cosmic chaos then we will probably be dependant on technology for sure. middle ages sucked balls and its not just coincidence they had no computers back then. so i see no way unless forced that we would voluntarily give up our pursuit of new tech since it allows us to do so much, communicate across the world in a fraction of a second, farm and distribute an insane amount of food and goods etc.
    also people don't realize how sharp the exponential growth curve is. look at the graph we go 2-3000 years with fuck all being slaves to mindless religions and fighting over nothing and then after ww2 we get computers and now there's more computing power in a smart phone than the first shuttle craft that went to the moon.
    what we need to worry about is cultural lag. as you know humans are dumb as fuck relatively speaking and basically nothing more than evolved apes we are still subject to instinct and primitive needs so as we develop technologies with a greater reach we will extend our rape to other planets and solar systems and perhaps other dimensions. it's no different than when we developed the atomic bomb many people thought we were inevitably doomed as soon as it was discovered because we are not smart enough to use it properly. as evident by hiroshima/nagasaki, fukushima and chernobyl. but maybe all advancing species have this problem.
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    Yes and no.
    Man will become machine. we will become borg.
    not can. not if. Will.

    if you don't get it to put it simply -
    a chip in your brain that can access the internet and make phone calls - boom that makes you borg.
    - nanobots
  8. It's fast and amazing how the world spin's.Technology rite now own's our soul.It's like that's where "Why are we living,if we are living to die?" comes from.It changes the way we think,it changes everything about the human race.Technology makes us as human being's worthless.
  9. were already fucked anyway
  10. We'll never be 100% reliable on technology. Because technology is advanced enough today, that we COULD be living a completely technological dependant life... the only reason we still slave at work is american capitalism. Sent from my iPhone.
  11. My opinion exactly, even the most basic parts of society would need restructuring if we were without electricity for instance.
    and before electricity we were dependent upon steam and being next to a river
    not really sure what was before that, but humans have depended on technology since forever in my opinion.  Any invention is technology IMO.  Something as simple as a woven basket is technology.
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    Mhmm cant really do anything without using something thats been done, made, or thought of before. Although the op did mean more of the social effect caused by technology. And to answer that id believe it has already been to some extent damaged in the way the op described, there's a very interesting Ted Talks on it.
  14. transhumanism is terrifiying check it out i have posted an article somewhere here in grass city about a thread talking about robots..
  15. most people are 100% reliant on technology today lol. walking around with their nose in their phone 24/7
  16. We basically already areSent from my H866C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  17. well, every missile defense system in the world is run by computer,
    so in effect, we rely on computers to not destroy the world everyday.
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    You wake up with an alarm clock.. Phone.You wanna look something up? No books, we use internet.Wanna know the news? 80% of people don't get it out of the papers.. It's called TV.You want music? Do you make it? Records? Or do you use am iPod or computer. Wanna send a message.. Email or text it... People barley write letters.Society....Read a fucking bookSent from my H866C using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  19. I think maybe one day we might be because technology is something we are already relying on way too much, one electromagnetic pulse and everything is erased, it would suck to keep all technology stored in faraday cages...Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

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