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Will UK legalise cannabis.....2018

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by Hi Crazy, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. They don’t. Look at Grenfell. Look at homeless. Look at child refugees. BUT the tide is turning for the right minded people. Don’t give up. Play by their rules and embarrass them into action. It’s possible.

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  2. Honestly, google your local MP and email them. You can do it. Copy paste my letter and edit your details into it. Add your thoughts. Be courteous and don’t use bad language. Play the game as they can’t ignore it. One email = many peoples views or so my local MP told me.

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  3. Give or take it a few years more, mate
  4. I don't see legalization anytime soon in the UK. The idiots in parliament think its like heroin. THE DEVIL'S LETTUCE!
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  5. Common man, seriously ypu goin too try too rob people. Get a job or something.
  6. That reminds me of an American politician,Chris Christie,former governor of New Jersey. A distraught father begged Christie to ease up on the medical marijuana laws because his daughter needed it to survive. I believe it was difficult to get CBD oil as well and it was the oil that was saving his daughter's life. Christie gave a bullshit "I don't care about you or your dying kid so fuck off" attitude. That father moved his family from New Jersey to Colorado were getting his daughter medication was no problem. But it was Christie's attitude that just soured me on him.
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  7. I don't think the UK would do that speedily for now, but sometime in the future
  8. If you are in the uk please click this link to email your MP about meeting Alfie Dingley at Westminster on the 20th March. Every email can help him and us win the war: Find My MP — End Our Pain

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  9. Well, I don't know if any of you wrote to your MP or signed the petition for Alfie Dingley to obtain legal medical cannabis, but it LOOKS like he may succeed. The petition was handed in to parliament yesterday and contained 370,000 signatures. Pretty solid. On the United Patients Alliance site today they said:

    Ms Deacon said the meeting was a success and ministers have approved in principle Alfie being issued with a special licence for the medicine.

    “Now we need our medical professionals to write the prescription and they will expedite the licence for him.”

    Hopefully this means what it sounds like it means. Thinking about it, it could be another frustrating delay for the kid where it's not possible to write a prescription. Fingers crossed for him and everyone like him.

    If we can get past this first hurdle in the UK then we are on the right track for the rest of us. Things take time, a lot of time, but if we take the opportunities to apply pressure to the government, then eventually we will win.
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  10. Hi mate yes I’ve already signed the petition.. and so have most people I know. What happened parliament mate ? Also shared the petition with all my friends.
  11. Its time every government starts making tax money or just profit from any hemp or cannabis plant. They make money off of black oil which is why most wars are happening. In Canada marijuana will be legal for recreation as well this year. I know Uk has hemp buds that you can buy. This is also a great medicine and should not be overlooked. I believe fortheageless.com has hemp buds. Made in UK. Ive tried. Not the best for smoking. But at least no pesticides and faily clean compared to what ive had most my life here
  12. I've only got the above quote from the kids mum. I'll post anything else I find.
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  13. In that terms you can even get cbd crystals in uk.
  14. It'll never happen. Even for medical use, how is that going to work? Buying weed from a chemist?
  15. It is happening. You can already get Sativex on NHS perscription in Wales and private perscription in England (£650/month). Now kids getting oil is the first step for the rest of us. Sign every bloody petition you can. I went to parliament the other day to support medical and recreational. There is a strong arguement that if you are using it recreationally then you are self medicating but I dont want to get into that now. Support this in every way possible NOW to give us all a fighting chance. Write to your MP if possible. Now is the time people!
  16. I just can't see how it will work.. we get nothing in this country, we're like the last in the world to get anything.

    I've seen the bill for parliament and it's also on in parliament next Friday (6th July). I have looked at the petitions on the website and they are lacking a lot of signatures.
  17. We've just got to do whatever we can to support this sudden media and political interest. By any means necessary! Google search "cannabis UK" and you'll see how broad the conversation is right now. The problem is the people at the top dont know what they are talking about most of the time. You can tell by their language. The good thing is that the information is out there so hopefully we are getting somewhere.
  18. It got objected out of Parliament until 26/10/18

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