Will Titanium break my rig

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  1. I bought this bong the other day this lady said I should get glass quart but I went with the titanium nail and a carb cap she said the titanium could get to hot and crack my recycler I believe it is? Is this true? [​IMG]

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  2. And I use butane

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  3. Thanks!! Do you have any idea

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  4. Thanks

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  5. Maybe try a little less water in the piece but the nail is definitely fine. Just make sure you aren't heating up the glass tube just the nail.
  6. you should be fine but everywhere I looked, (I plan on buying a dabbing rig) quartz overall had better taste and was smoother, so it would be my first choice. I don't think you should have this problem because usually glass pieces are made to support heat and not crack up from an open flame(obv!) unless you torch it you should be good^ like said up there.

    what's your opinion, titanium vs quartz?
  7. Personally, I was just forced to get a quartz nail after rocking a titanium nail for the longest time. I am having troubles getting used to using less heat, but overall I love the quartz more. I can take bigger dabs without worrying about losing it, and honestly the taste is awesome. I really did like my titanium nail though and once the local shop here gets the adapter I need (the part I broke, which is why I had to switch) in stock I might just throw it on another rig.
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  8. Also for the rigs, I would use a regular double honeycomb straight pipe bong (Zombie kind) bong-green-double-honeycomb[1].jpg with no attachements else than the quartz banger img_5247[1].jpg (I plan on a banger, just like the picture but male). If I'm using a titanium, should I use something like a showerhead to smooth it up or it should be fine? my lungs are roasty already
  9. Well I just got a quart and my first dab caught on fire & then the second taste like butane (I think that's the taste) lol but I have dipped
    It in water couple times and put like one dab on it to just twist around and also when I hit up my nail it doesn't glow red just little red spots ?! So how do I fix this problem

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  10. It seems you have low end quality product, you could winterize it to get rid of the excess buthane and oils, but it's a harsh and long process for someone who just wants to get a good hit...
  11. It was $30 but the head shot always sell good stuff and is known for their stuff & etc

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  12. take a small amount and put it on a needle, turn it to smoke. If it smells anything like chemicals you should have a talk with them. You don't know what's in your product unless you made it yourself! Anyway, winterization should be a norm for any legal extract imo
  13. This is the rig I have and my old titanium nail. Honestly I don't notice a difference really between the two as far as one hitting harder than the other. So far I like the titanium better because you can get the dab hotter and burn faster. But I assume that is just an opinion thing. The quartz burns real slow and I find myself not being able to clear a dab that I would easily clear on the titanium nail.

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  14. That's odd because I can still post in here. :D

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