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Will this work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pipesmith, May 14, 2010.

  1. im might have to come home high and i want to know if my plan to stay unoticed will work btw im 18 and i have to hide from parents

    Ok im going to take my bong and go into my spot in the woods with my freind and we will put water in there from a river or water bottle

    after we are done smoking i will put in a peice of gum,apply eye drops,and spray axe into my bong and on us both then we will do what ever then i will come home still probally high go up in my room and chill or what ever

    What i am afraid about is the smell of the bong stinking up my backpack and everything
  2. You definatly don't want to spray your bong with axe it'll taste like shit if you don't clean it out thoroughly.
  3. do NOT use river water. fill up a 2-liter bottle of soda with water beforehand and bring that, use it for water. poor water in and shake it up to get rid of as much of the smell as you can, do NOT spray axe in your bong. you should be fine, go with visine and avoid long conversations.
  4. Don't use river water and don't spray your bong with axe. Put eye drops in before you smoke and don't touch your eyes. You'll be smoking while you're basically crying but it works amazing. Worst case scenario you just put another pair of drops in after.
  5. try hiding the bong at a friends house or a spot?
    or try covering the smell by covering the bong with a cloth or something similar

    and try not to act to stoopid lol :smoking:
  6. I'm also going to go out on a limb here and say you'll probably end up getting really high and paranoid and just sitting at the river for an hour. At least that would be what I would've done when I was in your shoes.
  7. #7 cloud n9ne, May 14, 2010
    Last edited: May 14, 2010
    Today I was smoking by a like 40ft wide creak. My brother told me to try and get across so i did. It was very difficult and after 30 minutes of different attempts to get back to the side i started, i just decided "fuck it" and walked through the water in my shoes.
    Shoes are still wet too :)
  8. You are really not going to smell unless someone is going to sniff you I say you just go up to your room and avoid talkin to people because you'll start sayin stuff that don't make sense lol I also say you shuld put your bong in Abagail andthen in your back pack or hide out somewhere like someone said. Or just chill at the river:cool:
  9. What you should do is go to the bring clean water with you, use that for your bong. For the red eyes, put in eyedrops before you smoke and if it works then great, if they still turn red then put them in after too. As far as smell, use the axe on yourself and your friend, but don't spray it in the bong since it will probably smell like axe for a long time. What you should do is either leave the bong behind and hide it somewhere and get it later when you know your parents aren't around. If you can't for some reason, you should wash it as best as you can in the river. Or put gatorade in the bong so it smells like gatorade instead of weed, never tried that but it might work. But just washing it with water should be good enough.
  10. if your going to use axe dont use much. smelling like axe too much is a red flag. and axe dosent mask. the best thing you could do is smoke some cigarettes.

    chances are your parents wont strike up a conversation with you. when i come home from a sesh my parents dont even talk to me, might glance over to see who it is but thats all. cigarettes mask it a bit but not much. my parents dont care if i smoke cigarettes though.

    you should only use a bong when you have low stress, basicially when your parents are out or sleeping. otherwise roll a joint. that way you dont have anything with you.
  11. Lol Yeah it will. Don't trip out, i walk around in public smoking joints.
  12. OK so new plan
    1.walk to river
    2.Fill up bong with water bottle water
    4.toke it up
    5.Pop gum,visine,Axe
    6.Put cap on bong and pull out the slide and bowl cover hole and fill it with water then shake (homemade bong out of a acrylic water bottle)
    7.Hang out until its time to go home
    8.Walk home
    10.avoid ppl
  13. dont use the river water. I wouldnt want my weed filtering through catfish shit and murky water. If your outside smoking a bong, you will be good after 30min-1 hour. just use drops and act chill

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