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  1. OK so i'm kinda super excited/stoked...... I was on a nature walk yesterday and i found an abandoned Cistern...... Its basically a concrete box 12 feet deep, 12 feet wide by 12 feet wide.... It was once used for water but as i said abandoned now...... Its located about 150 feet in the woods on some other peoples property, However they do not use it do not go near it and located on the back edge of their property........ It still has about 3 inches of water in it with some dead mice and other varmits in it.....

    I was thinking that if i got it totally drained, i'd get a sprayer and spray the hell out of it with Bleach... so it killed any germs. Then i'd fill the bottom with dirt about a foot deep, then throw a tarp over that then put a wood floor in. and grow on top of that.....

    My probably stupid and very many questions..... Plus this would basically be my first real grow.
    1) should i even bother trying to turn this into a grow room?
    2) With it being underground with a roof over it in the woods which is way over grown, I'm curious will my worst enemy be mold, and dampness?
    3) with it being 150ft away from my house, will i be able to use extension cords to power my lights, HPS 400watt, Mh 400watt and a few fluro tubes for added light, Power is not a problem cause i live in the woods so our power spikes all the damn time and i've been told the people before i lived here grew loads of weed and were never bothered about power usage. Electric heat does have its advantages.

    Basically i'm just wondering if its gonna be worth my time to turn it into a grow room, or if its not gonna work to well... i can post pictures if needed.
  2. IMO - that's not realistic and you'll get noticed eventually. Why not a stealth indoor microgrow?
  3. I know its a lot of work, but i'm willing to do it... I mainly cant do an indoor grow cause i have lots of people thru my house on a daily basis. Some of which stay quite frequently.... Yeah i could do a small grow with a filter and what not, but i rent a pool house with no good cubords and no closets so i'd basically have a box sitting in my room with no answer for it..... Plus if its caught in your house, there is a chance of losing your house. Or so i've been told numerous times....... Plus Roommates one of which is extremely against pot..... which is bullshit haha.
  4. I don't know, that sounds like a pretty risky thing to me... If you are using extension cords from your house, how can you deny that it is your operation? Even if you bury the cords so nobody unsuspecting will find them, if the cistern is found out the cables will lead right back to your house. You might look into a stealth cab, there are a couple on here that would fool just about anyone. You could make it look like a dresser or a wardrobe. Or you could go tiny with like a pc growbox or something. It's just that this way you know no strangers will ever stumble upon your op and turn you in, or steal your ladies.

    Also I think mold would become a real issue without serious countermeasures. Like a couple of dehumidifiers or something. It could be doable, but the costs involved would be pretty prohibitive unless you were going to do a huge grow operation, and then you run the risk of getting caught even more...

    Then again I don't really know anything, this is all just my opinion. Good luck whatever you decide.
  5. True i did think about that with the extension cords, But i'm figuring that if i do it correctly every time you pull the extension cords its gonna disconnect from the others and you'll have to dig like a bitch to find where they go, Hehe was gonna make it zig and zag so its not just a str8 line, and put a couple in some pvc pipe so when you find it and tug it does disconnect and therfor you don't know where it came from. but then i was also thinking of just some simple power supplys that i've seen others use in there stealth cabs, however i'm curious if it will be enough juice to run my lights.

    And yes mold is one big problem i was fearing, and a bigger opperation is what i would be trying, just about 5-10 plants at first and if possible more depending on how it went,, my real fear is smell and how to make it airtight with a few intakes for air, and a couple carbon filter exhaust holes with some fans attached to them.

    as far as the stealth cab goes i really can't cause i do have people in and out of house and room, and lol i guess i shot myself in the foot cause i hate using dressers and everyone i know, knows this.

    But thank you for your input and its really appreciated, i may kill this endeavor but am still curious if its doable...... Thank you
  6. dont use electrical cord for permanent wireing its not safe, it wont carry the electricity as effeciantly as proper gauged wire. you get resistance, resistance = heat.
  7. The sun is free, why not use a clear roof? Figure out a way to vent the moist air out and I don't see why you couldn't make it happen. Personally I'd fill the first foot or two with rocks then 2-4 feet of dirt. This way it won't flood easily. Just a thought....

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