will this work?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MrNiceGuy, Feb 26, 2003.


Will it work?

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  2. No

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  3. It might

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  4. the weed is definitely gunna suck

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  1. ok keep in mind while you are reading this that i have very limited choices and noway to buy online things and my car was taken away cuz they found my friends pipe and my sack in it. o and yea they are also wary of my actions bcuz of said happening. neway my plans for growing are to germinate seeds i get from weed i buy, by wrapping them loosely with a wet paper towel and then by putting them in pots and keeping them in my attic and leaving the light on 24/7 and watering them every day i go over to my dads. i know i definitely wont get high quality weed but it wil be "free" and i could capitalize. my question is will i get any at all?
  2. eh depends on what kind of lights ur leavin on...

    just turnin regular lights on wont do shit, n u'll end up spending more on the electricity and small supplies for the plant than its going to be worth with that kind of lighting.

    It'll just end up dieng without a good amount of light from a good source. Wait till you can get some lighting and save some time and money.
  3. First of all..........

    If the law has your car, you already know they take property where weed is grown wether it's the home owners or not/ Am I right?

    The law will evict whoever owns the house.

    The reason that I am making this statement is...

    The cops know you have been smoking. Now they will make your parents pay for you having it in the house.

    With that said. Lighting is a major factor as to the grow.

    With out good lighting, the plants will not do well. You need flouros.
  4. o woops i forgot to say that they means my parents lol oops

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