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  1. Hey so I want to grow in a pc grow box that I made. The thing is I rent a place and if the landlord smells weed I'll get kicked out (he already said so). Now, I am growing one plant from bagseed and I am not worried about him finding it since it's really stealthy.

    The only problem I think I'll have is the smell. Now I heard about ONA but I don't have access to that but I can get this Bright Air Odor Eliminator, 14-Oz | Canadian Tire

    My question is will this work to COMPLETELY eliminate the odor, so I will only be able to smell the orangy smell in my room. I also plan on buying this Replacement Universal Carbon Pre-filter | Canadian Tire I would take it apart and tape the carbon filter on the back of the exhaust fan.
  2. I also just found this Damp Check Freshener, 12-Oz | Canadian Tire

    "Destroys the following odours: damp and musty, tobacco and smoking, pet, stale food, nursery and sickroom, and more!"

    Sounds pretty sick, even says DESTROYS it. Bad ass.
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    if your land lord already told you that he would boot you why risk it man?

    But in answer to your question, my opinion is that you should just build a carbon filter that you make to fit your exhaust port perfect and don't have to try and jerry rig one like you mentioned. There are knock off ONA products just look around man. Last thing, that "air freshener" will do ZIP man. The smell of flowering bud can penetrate walls witch will be no problem for any air freshener.

    Good luck.
  4. What if you grow that 1 plant from bagseed and it turns out to be a male?
  5. I realize it might be male but it's worth a shot. I only have canadian tire and walmart near me so I would have to buy the products there.
  6. ^This. You need your own secure place to grow, and you don't have it.

    No, that's exactly the point. Given your situation, it's not worth it.
  7. At least grow 2 and if you see any cocks flopping around after starting flower just take a razor and cut that sumbitch right out!
  8. i would not do it would suck to be thrown out or worse he calls the cops and uses that as justification to evict you. so your whole life is turned upside down because of a plant. no thanks to that.
  9. Or you play it cool and get some nuggets and some good experience for bigger and better grows down the road :)
  10. The landlord only comes once a month and I won't have to worry about it until it starts flowering. But fuck it, I see your point and I probably won't do it now. I wouldn't think one plant with a diy carbon filter and air freshener would make any smell but I don't think I should risk it.
  11. It's to bad you couldn't go to the store and get a pre paid credit card and order an auto flowering plant from online. that will be done in 60 days...your landlord i assume gives you 24 hour notice before he stops or if its the same time every month he stops by...do it up....only you can decide..
  12. I wouldn't need to get a pre-paid credit card because there is a seed bank in my city. The only reason why I am wanting to grow though is because I'm strapped for cash (college student, just spent $4000 this month on school.)

    Even if I know if he is coming though the only problem is the smell. I'm not worried about him actually FINDING it because frankly I wouldn't even think it would be a grow box it's just so stealthy. Here's a pic of it: It's the white PC

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  13. Would the landlord even need to come inside? Mine comes ever week. I open the door, have a few lines of small talk (nice weather were having, Joe!) as I count the money and hand it to him, he then hands me the reciept and tells me to have a nice weekend. Anything more than that is unnecessary.
  14. I think it will work my friend.I wish you good luck.
  15. with a properly designed pc case you can fairly easily eliminate smell, if you have negative pressure and the right amount of air circulation you'll keep the smell from leaking out

    the issue is you dont know how well that odor eliminator will work, you can't order things online? or do they not deliver to where you live? its a little bit risky to put your living situation at risk based on a advertisement, ona products have been confirmed to work by many growers, but just because this company claims it "destroys" smells doesn't mean their product is gonna actually perform that well
  16. Ahhh very stealthy indeed. i didn't realize you were using a tower. idk when i was reading pc box it just wasn't processing. by all means then...i would just pick up a 20 thing of ona gel. take the cap off and put it in there or right around it...really only will need when she starts to flower. or he...if your really just gonna waste time on some bag seeds...i wouldn't unless you just want experience with plants and don't have high expectations....good luck i will be checking up =)

  17. lol. fucking people.
  18. I guess I should be more specific on what the landlord said. He said there is zero tolerance for marijuana or any drugs in the house. He said at his other house he kicked someone out because he found a bong on the table.

    Now I don't plan on smoking inside the house, I plan on rolling joints or hitting the bong outside. I heard from my other friend who has the same landlord that he got the same speech as well but I know for a fact they smoke in there all the time and he hasn't done anything. I really think he is just trying to scare us to we don't ruin the house with smoke, even though weed doesn't even smell after like 1 hour.

    Does ONA ship? If so I will probably order some.
  19. Doesn't matter than Herb smoke doesn't smell much after an hour or whatever you say. Still messes up the paint and all that.
  20. Yea you can buy at an online hyrdo store. i know that midwesthydroponic.com has it...from a 20$ thing all the way up to like a 100$ bucket...lol....good luck

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