Will this work for cleaning a bong

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  1. Hey, odly enough I can't find any iso alcohol, but while searching I found this stuff. Do you guys think it will clean out that amber colored stuff on my glass? Have you guys used this before?

    It's called Restore4

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  2. Dude...got get iso for a dollar.
    That may leave some nasty chemical resin on your rig.
    Not advisable.
  3. What are the ingredients?
    List the active and percentages. 
  4. Iso and salt works magic. Iv also heard of people using oxy clean.

    Like unsuspiscious said. Post ingredients.

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  5. Regardless of what it contains, being a chemical product, you'll have to wash your entire piece with 100% acetone.
    Halogenated or nonhalogenated, you've gotta clean it all out with some acetone.
    Then wash that acetone out with water, to ensure you're not inhaling anything.
    But if you really wanted to get the job done, those three steps will definitely do it. 
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    it is sad that  people start rummaging under the fucking kitchen sink looking to clean their bongs and pipes or whatever it happens to be...
    buy some iso for a buck or whatever it is where you are
    then run some hot water thru it   
    - its that simple....

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