will this work for a grow box ????? noob in growing with pics

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  1. ok so im new to this and i just want to grow one plant nothing to big just for personal so i have this toy box and i was just wondering if this could work for one plant, also could i cut the veg stage in half for it could not get as big .also will layer the inside of the box with foil i have a very very low budget so any comment will help thank you gc community


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  2. how about tilting it onto its side so its taler. then i would say it's definite that you could grow in there.
  3. yea that would work do you have an answer abut cutting the veg stag in half for the plant wont get that big
  4. Oh fuckkk yeah that will work. Honestly though don't do foil. Use white paint you can almost always find some in your garage or get some for 5 bucks at home depot.

    Measure the box and tell us the dimensions (height, width, depth)

    Flip it on its side, obviously. More room for growth and lighting and shtuff.

    Get back to us with the measurements. Youre also going to have to cut some holes in that box otherwise you will not be able to grow in it.

    And oh yeah, make sure you clean the shit out of it. Get your antibacterial onnnnn
  5. well that is the thing i cant cut holes in it....the dimensions hieght is 34.5 inches
    width is 18 inches and the depth is 15.5 inches but ican get some wood and build a another one just like it....with white spray paint work thanks for the help
  6. Okay if youre going to build another build it slightly larger, and build one you can cut holes in, because no matter what, you will need them. Shoot for at least 32" tall, and 24" wide and deep.... if you can.
  7. okay thanks man i will have more pics up when i start growing thanks ohh do you know if i could cut the veg stage in half for the plant wont get big
  8. There are so many different and better things you could do. Trust me when I tell you, search and look into LST methods, you can do a full veg, keep the plant stress trained, and get a big yield in a small area.

    Don't wait til you grow to post pics/ ask questions. Most people in this section have already don't what you're attempting, including me. There can be a lot of useful information and help on this site! I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am now with mine without help from people on GC :smoking:
  9. ohh no i understand i will have pic of how it turn out i got the basics just need to clear up the box thing but thanks i will look into that LST i will get the box going....
  10. For a little shopping list you should make:

    get some 2x4's to build a frame for your box
    plywood to cover the frame
    cheap white paint
    hinges for the door
    a can fan, will run you like 20 bucks at home depot
  11. sweet umm what kind of holes will i be cutting and the size and location on the box what kind of fans intake or outlet fans oh im useing cfl light for this will that work for one plant
  12. Look at the link in my signiture. I have a CFL grow box, made out of plywood, some hinges, and a can fan. just a simple light rig and I was set

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