Will This Support Me?

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntStyle, Feb 23, 2009.

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    What kind of wizardry is this? A very old thread with no posts is what I see.

  2. I see a puppy dog.
  3. Sorcery! Burn it, burn it quick!![​IMG]


  4. Lol what the fuck is going on in this thread? Too high for this.
  5. I thought i'd be funny and revive the first thread in General. when I get to first page I only see threads made by guests. I click this one that said it had one reply. When I got here I see nothing and decide I'll still revive it.
  6. We've entered the Twilight Zone blades
  7. Honestly the real mysterious is will it support him?

  8. How do you know its a him? where is your information?

  9. Just the proverbial him. I could of typed him/her/it but I figured him would be quicker.

  10. lol just fucking with you.

    I think it was bigfoot trying to up his growing game.

  11. I guess we'll never know what "this" was and if it would support OP or not.
  12. I think it was a fat guy/girl wondering if he can seesaw with his friends.
  13. Will This Support Me?
  14. Yes. A good noose secured to a strong branch/beam will hold you. You're welcome.
  15. Apparently he/she/it figured it out
  16. Did you just give weed to your dog?

  17. I want to seesaw with someone. That is a sexual act right?
  18. I support you OP

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