will this stuff work ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by an0nym0us, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]
    i have bunch of this i bout works really well on my tomato plant

    all except my is 15-30-15
  2. you would want to use that when you flower.check out the stickys above your post a few grow guides.Click the search tab and search away

  3. id go n try it on a few in 1/4 doses and if it does well through veg id pump it up to full dose and incorperate it the rest of the ladies in 1/4.. 1/2.. 3/4 then full strength....

    if the one you try it on reacts badly FLUSH the hell out of it ...
    dont use it if your soil already has nutrients added .... only use water ...maybe a LITTLE when you hit bloom....theres my 0.02:smoke:
  4. see ive used it before. the mix is 15-30-15 . The Plant Gre w Fast For a Couple Days and then looked poor so i mixxed up another batch of the mixx (lighter Batch) just like half a tea spoon and they were growing fast and looking beautiful ... but i got into a fight with someone in the front yard and ran to my shed and ripped them up before da police got there,.....Paranoiya ? .. No they searched my hole property even the shed

    it was luck but i lost some beatiful plant R.i.p Stinky and Dinky Doo LOL

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