Will this stress my plants too much?

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  1. Ive got a strawberry cough plant that is about 4 weeks into flowering and its in a pretty small pot, I transplanted it from a 2L'r to a 3gallon pot about 2 weeks before flower. Now I'm thinking i should transplant it again, Its under a 600W HPS in a grow tent with plenty of space. Never had a problem with transplanting ever in veg even a week into flower, just wonderin if this late in the game is it too late to transplant, will it stunt the growth of the buds or stress it and force a hermie???
  2. how long has it been flowering
  3. its about 4 weeks into flower, lookin real lanky, gonna be a 10 week strain, buds bout the size of quarters. i know its not that hard but i can transplant real well never had a problem before, just never done it this late. only reason i want to is I just think the roots have encircled each other hundreds of times by now, but do they need more room in flowering stage?

    thanks budslinger, any advice from the cubby master would help a bunch :)
  4. This is just my opinion, I have not successfully harvested yet, but have done many transplants.

    You have watch this plant grown for so long, if it gets stressed and you get a less quality yield you will be dissapointed. You may get more if you transplanted, but if it stresses it wont be as good as it would have been.

    i do know for a fact if you can find a green radiant light bulb you can work on your plants while they are flowering at night, that would probably be the best bet if you are going to transplant, do it at night under a green light.

    3 gallon buckets should be fine, were you planning on putting it into a 5 gallon bucket? I am using 5 gallon buckets, I have always started sprouts in jiffy pots and moved them into 5 gallons at there 2nd set of true leaves. But I have been hearing alot of cons about using 5 gallon buckets. Your 3 gallon might be ok.

    If I was in the situation I would probably just leave it. do you see roots under the bucket coming out of the drainage holes?

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