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  1. For my first grow I purchased some miracle grow potting soil but after the fact noticed that it has a continuous release of nutrients for up to 3 months. Will this be a problem? Will the planet become over fed?
  2. Very likely could. You might be fine with it, but your concerns are valid so you are better off avoiding time-released ferts altogether. Kudos for thinking of this ahead of time. Search around lots of discussion on this.
  3. the planet will not be overfed ever. as for your plant, if you have no choice but to use the mg soil then i would wash or flush the soil really good before you put the plant material in the soil. also if the place you got the mg soil from has the organic mg soil too. i would get some of the organic mg and mix it with the regular mg, wash or flush it then put in 1/4 perlite. mix that then add plant material. ive seen this miracle grow mix make some sweet ladys! your plant will tell you if its gettin too much nitro. if so, just flush good. a layer of hydroton or some small round stones is needed on the bottom of your pots too, for better drainage. good luck.
  4. I'm using the exact soil you're using and my plants are 8 days old today and looking just fine. I will switch the soil out to something a bit better once they get older, but right now I'm seeing them grow really nicely.
  5. Great, thanks for the feedback. I was also wondering about how concerned I should be as far as thermal blanket of some kind is concerned. I'm not growing but 3-4 plants but would that give off enough heat (using CFLs for light) that I should be overly concerned?
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    Honestly I'm doing a small closet grow with 4 plants, using 4 100w equivalent daylight CFL bulbs gives off a good amount of heat. As I'm writing this it is 89F in there. This picture was taken 27 hours after I put the germinated seeds into the soil. I now have 1 more 100w CFL to the left and right of the plants and they are higher up now. Ghetto? Fuck yes, but it's working very well so far... adding a small vent in a few days when I get paid. Also have some white mylar on order!

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