Will this setup be ok? pics inside

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  1. Well im growing a single plant just for personal use. Ive chose to attempt growing in my attic. I have lights ran and setup. Just looking for opinions on if this looks ok and what to change if anything. The attic gets very warm during summer but its winter right now so temp should be ok. If it gets to hot ill get some fans in there. The red and gold foil i found and put it up to maybe "reflect" the light towards the plant should i leave it or take it down?

    Any ideas are helpful. The CFls are 3 13 watts and one 18 watt not sure what that equals in light output but will it be enough for my plant? anyway on to the pics.


  2. Those lights will need to be much closer like within three inches. Eventually you will need more light at least an equal to 100 watts. Do you know the spectrum of the lights your using now or did you just find them lying around your house? There are different spectrum's suggested for vegetative growth and flowering. The foil will probably not help anything but i don't think it will harm either. A fan is very helpful to control surface temperatures and will encourage the plant to grow a strong stem.
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    well the lights were around my house yes. and all i know is the 3 small ones say 13 watts on them and the big one says 18 watts. thats not enough light output for one plant? i kow the cfl watts is diff than a regular bulb

    could i just put something under the pot to make it closer to the lights?

    also the plant has been germinating for a day or so and is getting ready to sprout should i leave it in the dark until it sprouts or keep the lights on if so how long for now?

    and ill probably just remove the foil if its pointless. ill get a fan soon and have it just incase but its about room temp in the area right now.
  4. alright well after the first reply i went back and adjusted the setup till i got this.

    Hows this look? Can i leave it like this then when it gets tall i just remove the boxes?

    also still need my question answered about bulbs and lighting before it sprouts? then i should be good to go and just wait lol



  5. well i went and got some wal mart great value brand 23 watt cfl bulbs and a splitter totaling 5 bulbs for 105 watts. Next time i go to walmart i will be get 2 daylight 6500k 26 watt bulbs and replace 2 of mine.

    Now one last question do i place it under the light before it sprouts? or leave it in the dark?
  6. 23x5=115
  7. my mistake one bulb is only 13 watts. this setup sound look ok? when do i start giving the plant light? how long on.off?
  8. anyone else care to critique it ?
  9. well i checked the plant this afternoon and its sprouted out of the soil finally so i took the plastic bag off and started giving it light 12 hours on and 12 off. Do i just keep doing this till its time for bud?
  10. 12 on and 12 off is to initiate flowering, They should be under 18/6 or 24 hours

  11. what he said, i would reccoment lights on 24/ hours off 0 hours until you are ready to flour, (two or three weeks)
  12. can it get to cold for my plant like 60 degrees? Checked it out this morning and it had been in the dark for an hour and lifted the pot and there was moisture under it i gues from being kinda cold.
  13. yeah plants get too cold, i'm not sure because i'm pretty baked, but i believe 50 degrees f is the temp that will make the plants rate of growth slow to crawl. But it's fine for plants temps to fluctuate 10 or so degree's between day an night. Hope I made sense.. ha good luck
  14. i would go buy a 150 watt hps or 250 watt hps from home depot or lowes for like $100 and u'll be twice as happy with your results plus it'll get way to humid and cold in your sttic at night if u dont build an enclosure surronding your plant. best bet frame in a little 2"x4" room screw some 1/2" ply to it caulk all the cracks, primer 3 times white then put your 250 watt hps in there with a fan pulling the heat off the light and u'll b getting 4 times what u will from those little lights. good luck man and just remebr the more time you do with the prep work the less time you spend on mess ups later

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