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Will this screw up my surgery?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bcbuddie, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. i have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in 5 days, and i heard that toking during the week before can screw up the medication that they give you that knocks you out during the surgery. Im just a little worried that if i do blaze during the week it could temper with my tolerance and i could possibly wake up during the surgery. Anyone have any advice or background with this kinda stuff? any help would be hugely appreciated!
  2. I don't think it'll mess with the anesthesia, don't see why it would. I'm getting mine out in like 6 days and I wasn't warned of this. My friend works in a dentists office, if I remember I'll bring it up next time I talk to him. I wouldn't worry about it though; actually, I'm not worrying about it haha.

    I'd recommend taking at least 5 days off afterwards though, just to avoid dry sockets. If you type "dry sockets" into the search bar, you're bound to find a couple threads about it.
  3. I smoked a blunt the night before surgery, didn't do a thing. Who told you this info, the gov?
  4. They never told me anything like that when I got mine pulled, and they knew I smoked, too. Hell, I did a wake 'n' bake the day they were removed, and nothing bad happened. The one socket bled like a motherfucker and took one hell of a long time to stop, but that can happen to anyone.
  5. i was told by my mom who said the dentist told her that, so i was pretty bummed when i heard it cause i just picked up a long awaited h/oz. thanks for clearing things up though, im more stoked than ever to toke right now!
  6. i never really read an info before getting mine pulled and i definitely smoked a few times the week before the surgery.

    not sure if this has anything to do with me blazing close to the day of the surgery, but i had a strange experience getting my wisdom teeth pulled. they gave me novacaine shots (like fuckin 12 of them) instead of putting me out and then made me sit in the waiting room for 15 min. after like 10 min though, i started feeling fucked up like i was really stoned. and then the nurse came to bring me to the operating room and i remember walking behind her and then just randomly walking into the wrong room where someone else was getting operated on. i seriously felt stoned as hell. then, during the surgery, the doctor was making all these weed jokes. he was like "i hear they're legalizing weed on dec 2", which happened to be my birthday. so i was cracking up the entire time he was fuckin drilling my teeth to bits.

  7. it wont, i smoked all week before my surgery, and if you want to smoke after, just sip lots of water and rinse with warm salt water several times a day(specially after you toke) and if possible use a bong and have a homie milk it for you and you should be fine
  8. nah don't worry. I was high while I got teeth pulled.... and they still gave me gas and it worked. You feel so fucked up afterwards haha. I told them I couldn't feel the gas when i could to get them to up the dose. I was all silly afterwards. The only think I can say is don't toke after they get pulled. I did and it gave me a dry socket. But then they gave me T3s so that was worth it! =D
  9. how long did you wait until you toked again? i dont wanna mess around and end up with a dry socket
  10. One thing that may fuck with the medications is opiates. But thats only if you have a tolerance.
  11. ur lucky, i was fucking a wake when they pull my wisdom teeth
  12. i got mine pulled and then toked the day after. just have a buddy milk a bong and blow it out threw the joint and u can just take a breath and inhale and u dont have to smoke. i didnt get any dry sockets or anything so u should be fine
  13. Dno man but maybe when you're tooth is out it will act as a portal to get thc into your bloodstream faster ^.^...
  14. Grave digger i am rawarrr

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