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Will this plant come back or is it long gone

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by 420blazencentral, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Hi I noticed after i watered it this time it looked like the leaves were starting to point down then after about a hr it looked even worse next day when I woke up to check it the whole thing was pretty much leaning over on the soil I've tyred to support it but it was pretty hard cause it's so flimsy now.

    I used a cfl I'm the 6500k range to start the seed and get it to about 2 inches then I went to a 400w has after about 2 -3 weeks of using the cfl. The ph reading has pretty much stayed in the 5-7 range last time I checked it it was around 6.

    I've also got very small white/cream dot like bugs crawling all over the soil but not on the plant at all I haven't applied anything yet as it's a bit hard to get stuff where I live 20171011_185253.jpg 1507797119782.jpg
  2. Looks like heat damage, rip poor plant
  3. How close was the 400w
    Looks cooked

    Did you go from floro right to an MH bulb?
  4. Yeah I know :( and it was a 400w high pressure sodium I don't have a mh ballast or bulb it was about 70-90cm away no shade am in the process of getting one

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  5. I had that same problem. Came in the bag of fox farms soil I guess. Grab some water and put a very small amount of dish soap in it and spray the outer edges of the soil, try to avoid spraying the plant but get as much soil as you can without soaking it
  6. Yeah I thought that's where they might have came from anyway I'm going to use coco next time ended up getting some cheap. As for the plant the leaves pretty much dryed up and shrivelled up so I've put it outside now cause that one's done but I'm going to give the dish soap idea a shot anyway cheers for the idea

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