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Will this plan work with sniffer dogs??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BooshStep, May 17, 2010.

  1. I'm going to a music festival in a few weeks, and there's supposedly going to be a few police dogs at the entrance to the site.

    I'm only taking a few grams of high grade ( 3x tenbags in UK, not sure how that works elsewhere)

    But anyway, my plan to get past them is this -

    Double bag the bud, seal it in a rubber rimmed, airtight glass jar, then wash the jar thoroughly

    Open a tube of Pringles (google images if you dont know what these are), take out about 3/4 of the crisps, place the jar in the tube, and place pringles over the top so it looks normal.

    Seal the foil lid back on top with superglue, so it appears unopened.

    Stash the tube at the bottom of my bag, along with other foodstuffs.

    Walk past casually in the open air, taking care to steer cleer of the dogs.

    Do you think this plan would work/ Does anyone have any better suggestions?

    Feedback appreciated!
  2. im not really sure about that :/
    i've heard stories that if you bag your weed, then wrap it with dryer sheets and news paper the dogs cant smell through it, but i have never tried.
    i think the main point you need is that you need to try and trick the officer, not the dog. one thing that for sure works is hiding your stash in with something dogs would love, i.e. meat. then, if the dog signals, and the officer checks it out he can see the food the dog wants, therefore you're tricking HIM not the DOG. anyway, usually the dog would not just go ape shit for no reason, the officer usually instructs the dog to search for the smells first.

    hope that helps a little, good luck
  3. Also the dogs won't go nuts when they've found something, they'll sit down. Also I think the dogs have been trained a little bit better than to be fooled by some beef jerky, but I could be wrong.
  4. no, not beef jerky. im talking like lunch meat, something like ham or something with a strong odor. i've used this method, but thankfully never had a problem with a dog hitting on my scent. and yes the dogs have been trained better, but like i said you're trying to fool the cop, not the dog.

    it was just a suggestion, not saying its absolutely going to work because i wouldn't know for sure, i'm not a cop or a police dog.
  5. Yesmmm. You're going to be taking a risk no matter what you put it in, if there's dogs around. Your best bet, though, would be to bury the weed deep in a bunch of lunch meat, or hot dogs, or something. Bring some bread and condiments along with that, and it'll look like you're planning a picnic
  6. thats a really awesome stash but its basically impossible to fool a drug dog. they can smell weed through feet of concrete.
  7. #7 Pj1008, May 17, 2010
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    The only way to fool a dog is to fool the handler. You would be suprized how good those dogs are I have heard they can smell weed that is sealed in a pvc pipe that has been put in a gas tank.

    What i heard works is put the bag inside a cheese burger and when the dog alerts to the weed the cop thinks it just wants the cheese burger. But even that won't work 100% of the time, dogs are really tough to beat.

    Most likely at a concert they just have the dogs there to detere people from bringing drugs. The dogs need to be told wear to sniff. they don't just walk around and point to the person who has weed, the handler points to were they want the dog to smell and the dog will smell that area. If it smells something it will sit or do something else to alert the handler.

    I think your plan is pretty good though. I would probably do the same if i were you. Just remember if you see the handlers having the dogs check the bags as people come in then pretend like you forgot something and go back to your car and smoke and leave all the evidence behind. If the handlers are just standing around your most likely fine just try to steer clear of the dogs just in case

    Also if you do try to hide the smell put everything in the jar as late as possible! Any kind of seal will only hold a smell for a small amount of time, the more time it sits in the jar the more possibility for the smell to get out. And don't forget to wash the outside with ISO alcohol I personally would soak it in ISO for like 5 min if possible just to be extra safe

  8. No. You can't hide the smell from the dogs no matter what you do. All you can try for is to fool the handler, which is what you're trying to do, but if a dog hits on your shit, they're going to figure out what it is and open it up.

  9. Saw this shit on Manswers lol
  10. I like your plan with the pringles I would have never thought if sealing them back up

    well wat can I say those guys saying to trick them wit the meat sounds pretty good
  11. Lol for all those saying to use food, most festivals are gonna take any food from you... so if a dog smells that prepare to get searched for food to, as for candles tho, NO one suspects the candle..... take your weed. and depending on how much, just wrap it tightly in plastic wrap, foil, as long as the weed is NOT exposed, then cover it in wax, and then mold into a candle shape and put a wic in it.... if they are like wtf is up with the candle, say oh shit haha forgot it was there, chanced of them takin it are slim. Ive defs dont it before haha, DONT USE WHITE WAX use blue, its never clear and it wont be obvious that your wix is not off full length. By the way, what fucking festival has drug dogs, they are going to be going NUTS
  12. ^^ to add, if they dont find it, its smell proof for the dogs which is the purpose
  13. Imagine if you're making spaghetti sauce. The human nose smells spaghetti sauce. You may be able to pick out strong seasonings like garlic or basil, but really, it just smells like spaghetti.

    Dogs on the other hand can identify each individual ingredient. They can smell the tomatoes, the olive oil, the oregano. You can't fool them. Dogs can actually smell cancer inside the human body before screening would detect it.

    So, if you hide weed in meat, they'd still be able to smell it. It would be difficult to completely clean the jar or your hands of any weed smell. Like they said above, you'd have to fool the handler.
  14. I hear putting your stash in a jar of peanut butter neutralizes the smell. Supposedly they can't smell through the peanut butter, but idk, google it lol

  15. I'm not sure it would work but that's a great idea to hide weed.

    Either way I'm not entirely convinced you'd have to go to all this trouble, are there really going to be sniffer dogs at a music festival? I don't think they'd be able to cope!! Which festival is this?
  16. you would be fine with the mason jar + washing it.

    basically after you scrub the outside of the jar and made sure that there are no weed particles on the outside (i think you use rubbing alcohol) and there is no way for the dogs to smell the weed. your plan is one of the best i've read, you have nothing to worry about. just be sure to wear gloves and not contaminate the outside of the mason jar or pringles tube.

    i don't think a lot of the posters ITT understand what an airtight mason jar means. THE DOGS WON'T BE ABLE TO SMELL THE WEED. the only way the dogs could smell the weed is if you leave the weed in the jar for awhile and the smell eventually penetrates through the outside. but as long as you do this the day of the concert you'll be fine.

  17. Yeah, most festivals just check quickly for weapons. They rarely even look in my bag when I go in.
  18. I remember once reading an article about the ex-cop that tells people how to not get busted, can't remember his name though, where he mentioned hiding your weed in a jar of peanut butter. I can't remember if this was to fool officers or dogs though. Definitely look it up.
  19. In that case, wouldn't you want to cover the weed in case the officer opens it? That could get a little gross.

  20. You are dead wrong.

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