will this ph meter test water ph?

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  1. i quickly purchased this off ebay in desperate need of a WATER ph tester. i have a soil one already and this it works for soil water moisture and light? wondering if it will work to test the ph level of my water before i water the plant? [​IMG]

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  2. moister - yes
    PH...flaky at best
    Most Box stores sell those for about $10 bucks
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  3. hey groot.. you reckon itll work if i dropped it in bucket of water?

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  4. I have a three in 1 moister meter...
    moister meter works GREAT...
    Light meter is a bonus
    but ph is to vague.

    I have a better ph meter , and calibrating solution ...
    If you read up on it , you'll understand it better

    Without testing... rain or snow have good ph and low ppm
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  5. NO!!
    The dam thing doesn't work. Only good for moisture. The
    Light meter works. but who needs it.
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  6. damn.. no rain here lately or snow..

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  7. I got one of those. It worked on the light up to 2000 witch is almost useless for this and the moisture meter worked. The ph meter however did absolutely nothing, everything was 7.
  8. If you can't afford a good one just buy one of those cheap yellow ones, when you get it calibrate it with coke classic or pepsi, 2.5 ph, and calibrate it often, especially if you hit/tap it against something or drop it. Yeah, they are cheap, but it works just as well as my Hanna!
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  9. just purchased one off ebay for 20$

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    I use "Lake Water"... But Rain and Snow are close...
    That's because I noticed the Hard -Well Water was effecting my plants growth.

    If you need to... They say let the tap water SIT for a few days before using it.
    If I did that... I'd also airy-ate it with an Aquarium Bubble stone and Air
  11. Yes the PH meter is worthless...
    But hey... Weren't you buying a Moister Meter?

    The Light meter is useless ??? I say No...
    It's helpful to know how much light is hitting in areas...

    The Sun pegs it at 2000
    My tent was over 1000
    But as you move it here or there...
    you might find your light is weak in areas...

    To me... The light meter is a handy tool...
    Not used much....But satisfies my curiosity...
    Again... you were buying a moister meter
    So it's a bonus

    PS - Which
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  12. It's definitely not something I would depend on for my grow. The cheap ones are just that....CHEAP! I bought one a couple of years ago and realized a couple of months into having it that not one reading had been correct since I pulled it out of the package. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and order a REAL pH tester. It's going to cost you $60+ to get one that will work that you can count on. BlueLab makes the best, but to get a pH tester from BlueLab it's going to cost you close to $100. As important as pH is to your grow, you need something that you can count on to give you a correct reading every time. I bet the one you bought isn't even waterproof. Mine wasn't. Does it make sense to have a pH tester for water that isn't waterproof? LOL Oh well...You live, you learn. Happy growing! TWW
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    My light puts out 87,000 lumins so 2000 is just enough to make sure it's on, don't need it for that. I use a little powder test kit for testing the soil and a cheap 20 dollar ph pen for testing water. I always back it up with the drop test though the drops just aren't as accurate what it comes to .1 because my eyes just aren't that good. Here's the one i got it works great, i only need to calibrate it about once a week.
  14. Calibrating solution ?
    They all need calibrating...
    Otherwise , Who knows WHERE it's getting the Base Line
    Another $10 bucks
  15. it comes with i thonk calibrating powder and a screwdrover

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  16. That is awesome thanks for the link

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  17. someone told me to buffer a can of diet coke at 2.5ph?

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