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Will this pass security at the airport? (bud+pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skaterlace, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. swim once told me the best thing to do is to have 35mm camera film and open the plastic canister, then actually use a bottle opener to pop off the top of the actual metal can. pull out the unused film and just throw it away. ( this is an investment ) then you stuff the pot inside and pry the lid back on. then you put the metal part back inside of the plastic piece.

    then you ask the tsa agent to kindly manually check your film through so that it doesn't get damaged by xray, they won't pry open the metal part ( would damage film by light )

    take like 8 rolls and youd be set

  2. If your stomach acid can't break down corn, what makes you think it will break down a plastic bag?
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    Yea what he said there is weed allover Cali
  4. One time i put a gram inside my fones battery section and got through the atlanta airport. it looked like the security were suspicious and pointing at the screen and shit but maybe they just didnt care. i was like 15.
  5. It's also a federal offense, no matter what the amount, when you are in an airport. If you get caught it's not like getting pulled over and a cop finding your nug. You're looking at jail time and serious fines.
  6. Don't be a dumbass. Not worth the risk at all.
  7. Thanks Noah, I was born here though lol, right in apple valley, about to go to bed and tomorrow I'll head to the headshop in Pasadena on my board and ask where I can get some bud
  8. And guys don't say I'm a dumbass haha, I didn't even take it, and the security are dumbasses then bc I could have stuffed my pockets with bud as long as it didn't smell.
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    No,,, not just possesion get a federal trafficking charge...

    half a gram worth lifelong limitations and that "Drug trafficker" lable?

    You're better off finding weed wherever you're going, you're less likely to run into a cop, and score some good dank, then you are trying to carry weed on a plane and getting a federal trafficker charge and sent to prison for a few years...

    your call
  10. worst case scenario you get a possession charge.

    big fucking deal hopefully its your first (if not u are a dumbass) because you'll probly just get probation and random drug tests.

  11. Lol well whatever. Skate or die lol
  12. the fuck *****, i made this same thread a month ago and it got locked.

    I'm from syyracuse to son. security here is ass, *****. you should be fine.
  13. Just smoke that shit and then get some bud from cali.
  14. If $4 worth of weed is that important youd be fine with buyin a few balloons, dropping that roach inside and swallowin it. Youll get it back in cali garenteed. Just tie a good knot in the balloon. Youll be fine.
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    Completely inaccurate.

    Like it has been stated multiple times, getting caught in an airport in NOT a misdemeanor, it's federal offense. Even .01g.
  16. For that much dont even do it.
  17. Use the invisibility cloak. Doesn't everybody have one?
  18. Why the fuck would anyone any kind of criminal violation on a trip to CA
  19. If u do get by try blazing on the plane
  20. actually, point of clarification: alaska is the biggest mmj state

    my friend on our way from usa to europe decided it would be a good idea to bring an eighth with us. He grinded the weed, rolled them up into joints, and stuffed them in a cig box with the rest of the cigarettes. kept the case in his back pocket as he walked through the metal detector. pretty ballsy but hey it worked. though this was before the installation of the new scanners that scans your whole body and then sends an image to a computer being monitored.

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