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Will this pass security at the airport? (bud+pics)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by skaterlace, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I have this nikon coolpix camera and I am going to California for a week, I live in upstate new York. Which means i will be flying from Syracuse airport to lax and a layover in Cleveland I believe. Anyways there is this compartment where the battery goes. If I put a plastic baggie with about a half gram of dank and stick it in there do you think I can pass through security with this in my backpack as a carry on or in my suitcase?
  2. Think about it this way:

    Best case scenario: you get there no problem and have half a gram of ganja.

    Worst case scenario: you get busted and get a possession charge.

    Your choice.

    And shit bro, you're going to Cali, there's quite a bit of bud there.
  3. Is it really worth it to you to bring a half of a gram on a plane? If so, do it. But don't complain when you end up in jail, get raped and start yelling "IT WAS ONLY A HALF G, ONLY A HALF G" lmao.
  4. doesnt matter where you pack it, if a dog sniffs it you screwed

    oh, and i work at the airport. the exact job. i can tell u that (well not for ur airport obviously but in general)... we are trained to look for explosives... therefore if we detect organic material, such as weeed of course, in places that it should be, such as electronics...... more likely than not we will open and search your bags. like others have said, not worth it

  5. The sad thing is that I'm visiting. I was born there and my entire family lives there but I don't know. I get what you mean, could they Trace like one bowls worth? Like .1 or .2? Bc if I can do that then I'll be happy haha I just want it o be 100% if I will do it. And that's almost impossible, and nothings going up my ass idgaf if it's straight diamonds.
  6. Almost, but not quite...They hit you with felonies for that shit, and a lot of 'em.:cool:
  7. if its worth going to prison over 5 bucks worth of weed go for it.

  8. Is there any kind of loop holes you know of? I would greatly appreciate it. Pm me If you don't want to say it publicly. Thanks
  9. Won't work. They'll find it. If they can find it when someone stuffs it up their butt they'll find that.
  10. I've heard of hundreds of people getting caught...Can't say I've heard one that made it through.:cool:

  11. buy some lube and take a deep breath. lol
  12. dude its all about knowin the airport youre flying out of...each airport regulates things a little differently. I would suggest going to an airport youve been to before multiple times so u have somehwat of an idea of what to expect security wise. A half gram is a very small amount which probably isn't worth the risk and based on what the guy that works at the airport said about detecting organic stuff in would be better to just stuff it in your boxers or something if youre going to bring it with you anyway.
  13. How does it tell the organic from the electronics at a larger rate than boxers? Density? Suggestions
  14. #14 InstaBlaze, Aug 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Man my dad works for the TSA, he's told me that they have some super fuckin high tech shit in there, I wouldn't even risk it.
  15. Dogg i honestly dont know how they do it i just learned that when i read it on this forum. haha

  16. Haha you guys have persuaded me to not bring any bud. But one last question. What if I had the half gram in a little tiny baggie that's meant for dimes and shit and rolled it up in my underwear waistband?
  17. If you could get weed that easily onto a plane think of how easy it would also be to get a tiny pen gun, or a small explosive. You are not getting weed onto that airplane, but if you somehow do manage to do it, your life is at risk as well and I would definitely not use that airline ever again.
  18. You might aswell wrap a 8th as compact as you can and swallow it, retrieve it roughly 12 -28 hours later
  19. Like the guy said, you'll be in California. Where are you gonna be staying? If you're landing in LAX and will be staying around LA then I can tell you right now, go to any skatepark(we have tons) or just take a walk down Venice Beach, you'll find some bud.
    That way, the only risk you take is getting shwag, and idk how good bud is in upstate New York, but I've heard stories from people on the east coast, and they weren't pleasant.

    Just buy some in CA
  20. This thread reminds me of the scene in Harold and Kumar 2, where Kumar smokes on the plan ride to fucking Amsterdam, leave your bud at home, buy some Cali shit when you're there. To be honest, I'd think you'd be more interested in trying to bring bud back from California, not to it.

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