Will this old guy report me and my friend to the police?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MrCosby, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. So today me and my friend were at this cutty alley to smoke. When we were finishing up our bowl some old guy came out of nowhere and told us to leave because it's private property. So I said Yeah sure we'lll leave and while we were leaving he took our pictures I looked away so he didn't get a good pic of me. But the thing is that I had my college sweater on and it had my last name on the back.

    Is there any possibility he will go to my college or to the police station? Sorry if this whole thing was worded weirdly I'm high as fuck right now
  2. Your fine man
  3. You sure?
  4. nah homey, I wouldn't stress over it too much
  5. We're you doing anything illegal in the pic he took
  6. No me and my friend were just walking out of the alley when he took the pictures, I stashed my pipe in my hoody pocket before he took the pictures.
  7. Chill out man. Your all good. Think about it, if the old dude goes to the.police what will he say? You were standing there? Plus you left when he asked.
  8. I think you should kick back and smoke a big fat bowl in celebration of not being fucked over by the cops :smoke:
  9. if the guy claims you were up to something its just his word against yours.. and thats a useless battle.

    if he does anything at all, people will just think hes a crazy old man taking pictures of younger people.
  10. We were sorta under his balcony.

  11. No worrys then the dude can't do shit

  12. Well still. I wouldn't worry about it at all. The cops, believe it or not, have better things to do.
  13. plausible deniability op
    he doesn't have shit.
  14. That asshole was following us a few feet away from me and my friend. He stopped following us when we hit a main street.
  15. He may have been taking it for future reference, like if you come back and do the same thing, he has proof that you've been on his property before... Or maybe he's gong to post the pic on some old-man forum like "look at these faggots smoking weed under my balcony... I showed them who's boss!"
  16. Start lubricating your asshole ..... you'll thank me later
  17. Too bad he didn't get good pictures of us. My friend was on his phone and the old guy took a pic of his side so basically his face was covered. When I saw him do that I look to the side immediately so he couldn't get a clear pic of me. He still has my last name and the college I go to.
  18. He doesn't need a good pic to hate on some gits over his old-man forum :hello:
  19. I'm still paranoid
  20. Nothin to worry about man. Good chance that like someone said, he's taking pictures "just in case." Maybe there have been burglaries in the area, etc.

    Think about it, if he is trying to get help from the cops and he says "these two teenage boys were in the alley" what will the cops do with that? Jack shit. A simple photo is much better.

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