Will this light work?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Captain Olaf, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. I just got this light at Wal Mart.


    It's a 250W fluoro... This pic just shows its size in comparison to my shoe :p.
  2. looks like a "Lights of America" or something similar. Yeah, should work just ok for veging, but I'd get another for some more light. I think those only put out about 7K lumen.
  3. That will work perfect for veg and flower, just keep it close, if im not mistaken that should be 250 Watt equivalent flouriescent security light...

    Grow show go very well with that provided its not more than 4 plants in 6 inch pot or 2 plants in 10 inch pot.
  4. Thanks up and dier :D

    I was planning on growing only one plant under this light because i am very limited for space. What I have to work with is a 2.5 ft tall cube area. Im planning on keeping the plant very low using Vokal's LST method...
  5. then that should be good. I fyou can, throw in one or two CFLs that are redder (the warmer kind?) when you're flowering just for a little extra help. They are dirt cheap.
  6. arite, sounds good :D thanks again Up
  7. One plant and tthat light you will do just fine.

    check the color temp on the bulb and let us know.
  8. I'm pretty sure I saw the same light in the hardware store. The one there was a 6500K flourex which would be just about perfect.
  9. Remember to keep light really close to your plant. People who use fluoros can often let the plant itself touch the fluoro with fans. Use that low temperaturve advantage.
  10. the first thread with this title that wasent a joke. + rep for that. lol peace.
  11. haha thanks dank :p and yeah, im gonna keep the light as close as possible...

    as for the color temp... i have no idea... it doesnt say on the bulb... :(
  12. damn nice how much that thing cost u?
  13. 30 bucks :D but then i had to buy an extension cord to wire it to.. but that was only $1.50 :D
  14. gotta love wal-mart!

    was that in the gardening section?
  15. nope, wasnt even in the gardening section lol. they have a whole section for lights and bulbs

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