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will this light work

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by smokedogg420, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. i was wondering if a 150 watt hps light would be good for a grow box of 18 in wide 28 in high with a depth of 15 inches.

    i was also wondering if i could use the scrog method but would it work for the height i have. i was thinking of let plants grow for 4 weeks into vegative stage switch to 12/12 light(flowering) for like 3 weeks, weed out the males and then keep females and switch to veative stage again. (and would 18 hour lighting be good for vegative)

    and how should i creat fresh air flow.

  2. put a fan in the top of the box and cut a hole in the bottom, that solves airflow....

    yes, a 150w will be great in there, but your gonna want to grow a mother plant first then do the scrog, cause if theres any males its a bitch to get them out of the screen, and then you've got a big emptry screen space....
  3. take a clone from every plant.
    root it and flower it away from the other plants while they are vegging.
    the clone will show the sex of the mom/dad plant.
    kill all males.
    grow your pre-vegged females into your scrog.

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