Will this light work for this room?

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  1. I'm about to start a hydroponic grow. I was wanting to use this spare closet that's about 6'8" by 4'7". Would a 600w mh/hps set up do the job? Do you think I could fit about 6 plants in there? I'm pretty new so I thought I'd ask the community.

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  2. I wouldn't try to flower 6 plants off under that light. You've got to be realistic about just how much light these lamps actually put out and how much space they will cover sufficiently. We flower with 1000 watt hps, 4 per room, and the most I put around one of the 1000 watt bulbs is 5 or 6. When you crowd too many plants under a light that can't handle them, you just shoot yourself in the foot as far as yield goes. I've found that when I give my plants enough room so as much light as possible can penetrate as far down into the plant as possible, I get much better development down deep into the plant. I'm getting buds down below the canopy that are large as what I used to get off my tops. When we doubled our flower lighting, from 2 to 4, it taught me a very important lesson. The size of your plants and the size and density of your buds are directly proportional to the quality and strength of light they through veg and flower...light is a big deal with indoor growing. You just can't mimic the sun, and as much good strong light as you can put over them,, the better off you'll be. A good friend of mine had a 600 watt hps/mh air-cooled hood light and he grew 2 plants under it and they were both just gorgeous. But it was a feminized blueberry strain and they (from seed) ended up looking like little bushes. Of course, they were his first plants and he didn't understand when and how to top them as they came up through the veg cycle so that once you get to the flower, you've created lots of tops.

    If your grow experience is limited or you don't have any grow experience, you need to be warned right now that this starting out with hydro can be a tough process to someone who doesn't have any kind of a background or maybe a buddy around willing to help out who does know and understand the hydro process. It's pretty technical and to the new inexperienced grower, just growing the plant in soil is probably more technical than any gardening they've done before. So, if you insist starting out with a hydro grow, I suggest you take the time to research and read up on the hydro growing process and dig deep to learn the why's and how's of the whole thing so you're not lost right of the bat. Soil is always a good starting point for the new grower because it gives you a chance to learn the plant as it grows and learn how to fix whatever issues that pop up along the way. But I have also seen "first timers" start out with a hydro grow and never have a problem...but they are few in number. Just learn everything you can about how you grow with the hydro method because there is some equipment you'll need and supplies and it's super easy to fry your plants if you're not careful with the nutes they recommend giving. Good luck with it. One day, I hope to get the nerve up to build a small practice hydro setup just to learn on and then maybe one day convert some over to hydro. I like growing in soil because I grow my plants in a way that requires very few nutes added. I buy really good formulated grow soil and along with smart potting techniques, I let the soil do the feeding for me almost right up to time to go into the flower cycle. I just don't like the idea of loading my plants up with chemicals. I think the taste is more pure when they're grown in soil But heck, it's really cool that you can build a little system like that and pump beautiful plants on like crazy. Good luck. I hope you have a smooth run. But like I said, depending on your skill level, study up on how to operate a hydro system and as much else about growing hydro before you dive in too deep. You'll eventually figure it out even if you do have issues to start with. Everybody has issues to start with regardless. If I can learn to grow, anybody can learn to grow. LOL TWW
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  3. Great post TWW - agree 100%

    For what it's worth, I have 3 plants vegged for about 3 weeks under a 400 HPS in a 3x3 tent, just started flowering and I'm already overcrowded and running out of light coverage...
  4. That thing about not crowding and flower density and light is sooo true , I have a 600w my/hps setup , a 400w led(180) and a 300w led (180) so I figured I could cram a bunch of plants and wall to wall fill a 5x5 tent, yeild is lacking to say the least, next run I will be flowering 4 photos that have been vegging for about 90 days while all my auto grew, i've been training them and topping them and loving them and they are beautiful plants that will benefit greatly from the space and light that I will be giving them
  5. I actually have two completed grows in soil done from the past. It was a simple set up, used around 300w of cfl lighting and I know now that's not the way to go. But did get an ounce per plant, although I only did 2 plants in total. Those were soil set ups with a fox farm line up. So I've gotten to practice topping and low stress training. I stayed away from super cropping and didn't have the means to scrog my plant. I'm starting this new grow with a friend who doesn't have grow experience, but is familiar with hydroponics and has set one up before from a past project he did. Do you think we should invest in a higher wattage light from the get go? Should we stick to about 4 plants regardless? It will be one go through. Veg the plants with the mh for about 4 wks then flower with the hps depending on what the strain calls for. One concern is our energy bill as well. Thought I'd give some extra input about my experience at least and ask what you're thoughts were on everything I've brought up. Thank you so much for the earlier reply. Lots of extra things to take into consideration and I appreciate it. I may have a little experience but it's just starting out still so I'm trying to learn everything I can

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  6. Should I go with just 4 plants then? Should I save to get a 1000w instead of going with the 600w? How much would that effect my energy bill?

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