Will this light work for one-two Small plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ctcoyote16, May 7, 2006.

  1. Here:



    27 Watts

    1,750 Lumens

    10000 Hour lifetime

    Flex told me its all about lumens, and this should work fine. Any other opinions?
  2. wouldnt count on it...sorry
  3. yeah if you grab 3 more of those you should be ok.
  4. Why wouldnt one work:

    what does wattage have to do with it? You cant measure how strong a bulb is by just wattages. If the average small plant needs 1300-1700 lumens, I dont see why this wouldnt work.

    Im not arguing anything, I would just like to know why.

    Thanks, Matt
  5. yeah id like to no y 2
  6. Why will 1 not work???? because very simply once the 2 plants grow any bigger one will never work so might as well get more than one, they are but 4.99 a piece.

    I swear things must be very tight in the US.
  7. I pay for $10 for a back of 4. 4 will work just fine. If you want there to be more light (usually better growing) get 8 for $20.
  8. the biggest reason coyote has to do with light penetration.... lumens from fluoros drop fast over distance.. so once your plant reached a certain height, the one bulb alone would do practically nothing for a great part of your plant!
  9. Yes here in the caribbean everyting is 2x the price...
  10. hmm, alrihgt. Yeah, Im only staying indoors until my plants have outstayed their welcome. So would two of these puppies work? Caus eeven then, I would have to have two lamps in a small place, and try to limit that amount of light from creeping out of my closet. Anyone have any other suggestions besides those big sodium ones? I dont want those since theyre expensive and hot. These bulbs would just plug into and regular socket. Matt
  11. I guess use 2 of those one for each plant very very close until its strong enough to be placed outside.
  12. Just for the record, lumes drop over distance the same for any light source....
  13. so how tall would the plant be to be placed outside and does it need to be brought in everynight or no
  14. jsut wait until it has an established root system. probably about 4-6 inches tall would be about right. Bringing it in at night would depend on your climate conditions wherever you may live. If it get's frosty at night, bring it in. If it doesn't leave it out.
  15. alright because thats what i think i might do because with all these like strong lights way to much for me to buy i'll just let the sun do its job

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