Will this LED light be sufficient for my grow tent? Or should I use HPS and MH?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by techie, Apr 23, 2016.


Which would you recommend for this space?

  1. Mars Hydro Reflector 96

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  2. 250 Watt HPS/MH

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  3. 400 Watt HPS/MH

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  1. I have a 0.9x0.5x1.8m tent (roughly 3' x 1.5' x 6') and I am having a hard time choosing between a 400 watt HPS/MH grow or Mars Hydro Reflector 96 (actual wattage 203 watts) for my first grow. I plan on having 2 or non autoflowering plants growing in soil.

    I'd be spending extra going with the Mars Hydro Reflector 96, but would it be worth it compared to 250 or 400 watt hps/mh?
  2. go with mars. not too expensive and perfect for you size tent

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