will this grow box work i created the thought myself

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by smokedogg420, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. ok i got a dresser i want to turn into a grow box. Theirs 2 compartmants on top. and one big close hamper shape with open lid on the bottom. first (compartment 1) compartment is gonna be the flowering chamber. the size is 18 in wide 33 in high and a depth of 15 inches. The second compartment is 13 in wide 33 in high and a depth of 15 in. this chamber will be for vegative stage. Ok in the flowering chamber i would have 2 fans in the top 2 back corners. They will be blowing air into an L shape aluminum tube.(you know the ones that hook hoses together for dryers.) Well this tube would be on the bottom of the flowering chamber like a backwards L which will be going through an air and light tights hole that leads into the vegative chamber. I am using a 150 watt hps light thats hanged in the top of flower chamber. Now since theirs an air flow into the vegative chamber(which has 2 shelfs in) i would put a hole inthe bottom of the chamber like a regular L. This tube is connected to a long tube that goes through the close hamper shaped compartment leading to a hole at the end where air can leak out to the outside of the box. Theirs also a fan in the corner of the bottom shelf for the vegative chamber. (so theirs a total of three fans 2 in flowering chamber and 1 in the vegative chamber.Their would also be a hole with another tube in the flowering chamber thats also connected to the tube in the close hamper compartment. I am also gonna use a dehumidifier in the top shelf with a hole cut into the shelf so the dehumidifier can cleean the air and make it fresh. would this grow box work
  2. and you would need to know what your doing.
    but yeah, people have grown quite well in spaces like that.

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