Will this Green Light work?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rhapsodyrcks, May 6, 2011.

  1. My grow tent is in my bathroom. If I put in this Green CFL light in the bathroom light will I be able to turn it on without worry? I need to go into that bathroom occasionally. My Grow Tent is sealed up but I throw sheets over it as it was not a expensive one and the zipper lets in some light.

    [ame=http://www.amazon.com/13-Watt-EarthBulb-EarthTronics-CF13GR1B/dp/B0025V5FRA/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1304711866&sr=1-1]Amazon.com: 13 Watt - 60 W Equal - Green Party Light - EarthBulb by EarthTronics CF13GR1B: Home Improvement[/ame]
  2. you can use any green light, during the flower phase, i wouldn't use a CFL i would just use a plain green bulb from home depot, i have three in my flower room in the ceiling fan light sockets....works great never had any problems with flowering and a few times i left the light on all night
  3. Thanks bro! I actually bought the CFL one and a normal one as well. I'll put it up. I have 2 bathrooms but the one I put my tent in is the one thats near my bedroom. I dont feel like walking across my place to take a leak at 3am lol.
  4. lol, i just got out of a 4 bedrooms house that i was living in by myself, and i was sleeping on the couch, the thing we do for the plants we love, they should both works, the CFL might be a little intense but if it is a few feet away it will be all good
  5. CFL is on the other side of the bathroom so should not be a prob. Light works great now I can take a wizz and hit the toilet! Yay!
  6. green as in enviro freindly? or literally green colored light? please do explain.
  7. Do not use that bulb. There's a huge difference between green light and a green bulb. Remember that we perceive light, we don't experience it directly the way plants do. And what we perceive to be the "color" of a light is actually a blend of many colors (which is why white light looks uncolored to us but when filtered through a prism you can see that it is composed of literally every color in the rainbow).

    A truly green light is only green, no other colors. A CFL is not a truly green light, and dipping it in a green coating doesn't change that. A party bulb may look like it is giving off green light to your eyes but in reality is giving off greens, blues, yellows, reds, etc. You plant will be exposed to this and can hermie.

  8. Ok..can you link me a green bulb I can use...the only other ones I saw at Home Depot or Lowes were Green CFLs or incadesence ones that looked like it was just green glass.

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