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Will this get me baked

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by what65, May 29, 2009.

  1. I bought half a gram of some weed. It has red hairs and looks a little shiny. Im 118 pounds with no tolerance (have smoked 3 or so times)

    will this get me very high? the guy didnt have anymore.
  2. yes it will....?
  3. Yep, a half gram will get you baked if its decent and you have no tolerance.

    Also, weight doesnt matter when you are smoking. THC goes from the lungs to the blood stream to the brain. Fat doesnt really affect the process. Tolerance however, does.

    You could probably use that half gram for two different bowls and get pretty high each time. In fact, you could get high 3 times on a half gram.
  4. Yeah man, you're good to go, just as long as you smoke it out of a bong or spoon.
  5. Very high? Probably not. High? Probably. When was the last time you smoked?

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  6. My money is on the 118lb dude that he gets stoned off his butt. Just toke it slow and easy bro!


  7. uhmm weight does affect your highs......
  8. Ummm .5 grams will get you high like 3 times i your still new to smoking...
  9. Set up a gravity bong, it'll get you fucked up.
  10. MAn what kind of question is that? How can we possibly know?

    O.k I got one: Smoke it, then you tell us.
  11. i honestly dont know why people ask if it will get them high, if its dro/chronic/ or any other slang term or even weed in general will get you high....why do people ask its like if i ask if i eat flax seeds and wole grains if i will shit better.....DUHHHHH.

    so how did ur toke session go? i mean if u have .5 grams of good should have been already smoked, why do u wait for all these ppl to tell you it will, you should experiment you will not learn shit from life if you dont do it urself. that is the best advice my father has given me....i used ot always ask him how to do shit, then he told me that, and now i know more than him about computers etc...becasue i did it on my own, just do it...

    sorry im just irritated with these ppl asking if it will get them high...let me answer everyones question...YES, inhale properly, unless if you have a small amount of schwag, but i mean if uve only smoked 3 times in ur life .5 is well more than me ur spoiled for even smoking that...all i ever got was schwag...

  12. i'd say yeah, but you won't know for sure until you try it :smoking:

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