Will this fan setup work?

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    I want to grow a low height plant (2 feet high) in my crawl space.
    As of now I have everything planned out and going smooth except for the fan/ventilation system. I want to get 4 120mm computer fans and attach them to a regular outlet cord so I can plug it into the wall. I am pretty sure I understand how to connect the fans to the cord but my only problem is I don't know how to match up the voltages so I wont start a fire! And safety is top on my list!
    Can somebody please tell me if these products are safe and efficient to use?:

    Newegg.com - Rosewill RFA-120-K 120mm Case Fan
    Newegg.com - Link Depot 12" 3pin UV Power Supply Extension Cable Model POW-UV-12EXT - To be able to reach the outlet
    6V/1800mA AC-to-DC Power Adapter : Power Adapters | RadioShack.com

    Will it be safe to connect all four fans to that 6v power adapter? If not how many can I very safely use with it?

    Here is a picture of my crawl space with some blue prints just for the fan setup (not the complete setup)

    (Left side has a hole that eventually leads to another crawl space with a door that I can open sometimes on the other side of the room. Right side is just more room. There are very tiny gaps in the wall on the right that leads to outside)

    Any recommendations on which side I should have my ins and outs?
    Any recommendations on what to use as a dust filter?
    Also, is it necessary to have 4 fans (2 ins 2 outs)?

    THANKS so much everyone who responses!!! :D :D :D

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