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    i plan on starting a small just 1 plant grow in my closet and all im worried about is the light.

    so i plan on buying just 3 or 4 23wat cfl bulbs and running a extension cord in there with a light bulb to socket adapter thing and hanging it over this bar thing thats in there and will adjust as it grows.

    will this work and im not trying to get some crazy flowers just something decent that i dont have to pay for
  2. Honestly if your planning on doing cfl and just 1 plant, I would get 2 65watt cfls. Home depot has them for $15 a piece. I would get 1 2700k and 1 6500k. Much better than 4 23watt bulbs. Also the 65watt bulb are self ballasted and screws into a regular home lamp socket. Good luck.
    Make sure you don't get the Brinks bulbs, they are not self ballasted.

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