Will this bubbler I made kill me? *Pic*

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  1. I was high one day and thought Id search some pics of bubblers on bing. I saw some pictures of bubblers made w/ a jar, a tube and bowl made from a small tool. I tried to remake the device but I didnt have the exact parts so I improvised.

    Things I used:
    Jar (Harmless)
    A small, brass tool.
    Rubber tube I cut off an old weightlifting machine.

    Basically, I want to know if anything I used in the mini- bong could be bad for me, or even kill me if used enough.

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  2. Eh I mean, the hose is kind of questionable. It should be fine as long as it doesn't heat up though.
  3. Yes. The second you touch the flame to the weed in that, it will come to life and shove the rubber tube down your throat until your dead
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    As long as the rubber tube you used doesn't heat up and burn releasing chemicals in the smoke your all good
  5. brass isn't good. i dont remember why, but someone somewhere on here was explaining it. try to go with steel (a socket is a popular choice) or grab a cheap bowl/downstem from somewhere and keep the fire away from the rubber.

    *i only condone/encourage glass usage*
  6. rubber tube looks gross, u need a new inhalation contraption.
  7. not sure if it will kill you, but damn.. what an un-enjoyable way of smoking :O
  8. Nice crafting skills OP i like it lol.
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    If I remember correctly, copper release dangerous chemicals at a relatively low temperature ( around 1000 Celsius I believe) and a lighter flame is around 800-1400 degrees. If your flame becomes green it means your copper is melting and you'r inhaling dangerous fumes.

    edit: I tought I read copper lol, its same thing for brass tho, even lower melting temperature
  10. Id hit that shit. :D
  11. If heated for too long ya might have issues with brass like this dude mentioned, change that fitting. Also get a job, and a glass piece so you can throw that out and not worry! :wave:
  12. Thats crazy...my LHS sells brass pipes...

    So does this site doesnt it???

  13. Brass isnt that big of a deal ( lot less toxic than copper) but still, its not smoking out of glass, your still inhaling chemicals

  14. Yeah I know.. U inhale chemicals when u smoke weed. :D
  15. The brass really isnt good for you but its not gonna do anything noticable. People smoke out of brass for years its just not as good as glass. But thats fine. The rubber tube looks sketchy but it prolly wont hurt you either. Only thing to look out for is water splashing into the tube and you getting it. That would be nasty. but have fun haha
  16. NOPE

    But its hilarious long as it gets ya high. :D

    Get a glass bowl.
  17. *Update* The bubbler was a peice of shit. The tube made my hits taste like ass and always smelled like pure bong water... I threw that bitch away.

  18. You'll live...but glass is the only way to go!

    off topic but im LMAO at your sig

    LMAOOOO :hello:
  19. Why dont you spend 5 bucks at the store and get a pipe
  20. Maybe he's not old enough to^

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