will this be enough

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  1. HTGSupply Ultimate 400w HPS & MH Grow Light
    CoolTube Reflector + $70.00
    Standard 400w HPS Bulb
    GrowBright 400 watt MH Conversion Bulb
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    Dual Outlet Mechanical Timer - Heavy Duty
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    Standard Warranty
    $234.95$234.95[​IMG]removeFoxFarm Liquid Soil Formula - 3 Pack
    Size: Quart$39.95$39.95[​IMG]remove100 feet by 50 inch roll of MYLAR - 1 mil
    $32.95$32.95[​IMG]removeRootech Cloning Gel - 2 Ounce
    $14.50$14.50[​IMG]removepH Test Kit
    $6.95$6.95[​IMG]remove6" Inline Duct Fan
    i wasnt sure if the light would be ideal for a grow space that is 30 In.W x 17 In.D x 70 In.H or is it going to cause to much heat in a area of that size with a 6 in duck fan goin intothe cool tube then some flex ducting also hooked up to the cooltube with a 4in duck fan helping it push it out the back of the cabinet.
  2. Enough what?

    Enough light? Depends on how many plants you want to grow.

    Enough ventilation? Sounds like you have that covered?

    Enough space? Once again, depends on how many plants you want to grow.

    It is great that you listed all of your equipment, but you left out the most important part. The plants.

    Good luck.

  3. o man i cant believe that i did that i guess that was the smoke session we had the other night. it is goin to be for 1-4 plants sog style sorry about leaving out the most important thing that was a stupid mistake lol:smoking:
  4. Thats more than enough light for that space....that light is enough for most tents which are much larger in dimension....as a matter of fact may be over kill for your space....IE heating issues may need several exhausts
  5. You only lollipop plants in a SOG
    Do you mean a screen of green (SCROG)?
    You have plenty of light either way
  6. ok thanks guys i will then go with a 250 w if it will be easyer to exhaust and do the same thing..

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