Will this acid work?

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    I have 2 hits of acid sitting in front of me right now which I really want to take. The problem is I have been taking an SSRI (Celexa 20mg) for the past 10 days. My last pill was 38 hours ago and I was wondering if I took this cid if it woud have any effects. Thanks for all replys :smoke:.

    Edit: The celexa is for my anxiety not anti-depression.
  2. The effects from the LSD might be a bit blunted as there is still some of the SSRI in your system

    The half life of Celexa is 37 hours.
  3. Ok, I was just worried because I heard Celexa takes like 4 weeks to get out your system. It's my birthday in 2 hours and this is a gift from my cousin so we are gonna drop and kick it at a party :). Good vibes blades.
  4. you should be good bro, good vibes your way.I hope the acid gods grace you with a magical and meaningful trip:hippie:

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