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will they notice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sick_Boy, May 21, 2010.

  1. so i got this interview at like 1 pm and it's 10:30 now, i'm tokin now cause anyways i've never seen a job do a dt here in quebec so i dont think they will test me. but i was wondering if they might notice i smoked earlier even if they've never seen me sober.
  2. it's really almost impossible to say man. we don't know how high your tolerance is or how much you smoked or anything other than the fact that you are smoking now. personally, i think i'd be ok.
  3. yeah me too lol just while i was smokin the jay i kinda got nervous and i was in gc so i just decide to share XD plus i got an impossibly long subway/bus drive to get there so i got time to go down (my tolerance is quite high so i don't stay high for long)
  4. if you have a job interview and are worried about smoking, why the fuck did you smoke?!
  5. i only started worrying when i was smoking lol and i hate roaching an unfinished jay, but 'nyways it wasn't a big worry, i really don't think they'll notice, i just wanted to confirm if other people thought the same.

  6. Agreed. It doesn't make sense to me.

  7. read.
  8. come on i explained twice already i wasn't so much worried, more like asking myself if what i thought was right, but whatever.

    ps: english is my second language so i might not be as easy to understand as others but hey that's what happens when you're born in french Canada...

  9. Regardless if you are worried before or after you smoke, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to go to a job interview high. Of the more reputable jobs that I have had, they have you take a piss test that day so that you are "caught" if you've been smoking.

    That's like saying I wasn't worried about the consequences of my actions until after the action was completed.

    I don't care when, what, how anyone smokes, but when you post a question like this on the forums, there are going to opinions on both sides, and this is my opinion. :)

  10. your english is better than half the country's french lol. je ne pas parle francias.

    hopefully you'll be fine and GL.
  11. :p

    Yeah, your english is fine, and you should be fine in your interview too.
  12. Why would you even take the chance? I mean c'mon, use some sense. Smoke AFTER the interview.

    I can tell 90%+ of the time if someone has smoked just by their eyes and demeanor. I don't mean red eyes either; there's a specific look to them. If someone showed up to interview with me high I would toss them out on their ass because it shows bad judgement and no self control.
  13. #13 mrnoname, May 21, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 21, 2010
    That's because you're a seasoned toker with a great deal of time looking at stoned people most of your life -- you know exactly what to look for. It's probably more likely that the interviewee doesn't; other than red, droopy eyes.

    Non-tokers are fooled into believing everyone they come into contact with are also sober, like them. Unless he is obviously fucked up or they've had personal experience themselves and know what signs to look for, then I'm sure he'll be fine. He'll sober up enough and it's not like he's been drinking to where he can't hold his shit together.
  14. Cops can usually tell too for similar reasons, experience. However, my point was why take the chance at all? It's just a silly gamble to take even if the odds are good it won't matter, which it probably won't.

    I'm just wondering what the mental processes of someone are that go "Gee I have a job interview in a few hours. I think I'll get high." :confused_2:
  15. It depends on how it effects you dude. I smoke before I do anything and nobody can ever tell. Smoking and doing anything is more normal than going sober to me hahaha :smoke:
  16. Haha, good point. I'd like to know what he was thinking too when he decided to light up. Although, he probably wasn't...
  17. ^^ the process was more like: '' Gotta get ready for that intervi... what's that smell from my roommate's room, oh no he offered me the joint... one toke won't hurt...''

    Anyways :p i'm back from this place and CRAZIEST STORY EVER!

    i make like an hour and a half of subway and bus to reach the other side of the island (montreal) and then i get off in this weird place that looks a small village even though it's part of a huge city. I walked for 2 hours there, never found the place.

    BTW I was not high anymore when i got there so the reason i got lost was not the joint smoked in the morning :p
    maybe it was the 1 000 000 000 000 000 that came before that made me unable to remember a path
  18. HAHAHAH.

    I am pretty damn sure that there was no interview to speak of. I think you got high, thought there was an interview and you set out on a journey. lol :)
  19. if that were only true i wouldn't feel as frustrated as i am now :p i mean come on, who misses an interview because they're lost in a part of a city they don't know (me obviously)
    what really lost me there is that it looked nothing like a place in montreal it looked as if i was dropped in the middle of a lost village in the north...

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