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    So I have 6 plants total right now. A pic of one is attached below that 3 others are like. The other two are smaller and LST'd. The plant i posted is somewhere between 1.5-2 feet tall. They were planted around july 1 and I live in the mid atlantic region. So far only one plant has showed sex and it was a tiny 8inch tall plant that didnt get enough sunlight and was a male. I'm getting nervous though because none of the others have showed any signs of sex. Do you think it is still possible for these plants to produce mature buds? They look like indicas to me...correct me if I'm wrong and let me know what you all think! Thanks. :smoking:

    P.S. I can get better pics if you all want/need them this was just a crappy cell phone pic...

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  2. Sorry to say but unlikely. You should get buds but your yield will be very small. Most important you want to make sure they don't get any frost on them!
  3. Yea I kinda figured as much...how small a yeild do ya think if they go a week or two into october

  4. Likely (much) less than an oz. :(
  5. :( my dreams have been crushed....haha not really i just started too late but figured i could use the practice anyway...
  6. Fellas, are we forgeting about location? Depending on your latitude you could be just fine. Dont give up hope just yet. I allow some of my strains to go far into Nov before really finishing and even though the average frost date for Atlanta is Oct 25th, there is usually no concerns about stretching it out. Always remember this: your dewpoint controls your frost. Having said this, if there is a frost warning for your area then make sure and really soak the ground at the base of your plants the night before. With all the evaporation thats having to occur, its really impossible for frost to accumulate on your plants. This is a very OLD SCHOOL trick that even my grandfather used on his fruit trees for many many years.

  7. Thanks for the reply man. To make it easier I am in Maryland. Great tip about preventing the frost I will definitely put it into practice. Maybe Ill just keep everyone posted and we will see where it goes from here...Last year we had 60's into December but it was a freak winter....
  8. Any other thoughts??
  9. Not more than grams probably from all five. Sorry.

  10. ___ grams??? I think you left out a number unless you did that on purpose to make a point haha
  11. Things like this make me glad for Florida. Long ass growing seasons.

    I haven't seen a real frost in Florida in about 3 years. In fact, last December it was 60-70 degrees for a greater portion of the month.

  12. Floridia=the state for procrastinators
  13. That sir is correct. I just planted and I guarantee I will harvest this year without fear of a frost.

    Florida; warm and full of lazy.

  14. Good luck to you. I am envious. I still hope I can make a harvest. :cool:
  15. Go for it. They are in the ground. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point. Grow that grass before the first frost and pull what you can.

    Remember, nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  16. Thanks for the encouraging words...Ill post a pic update in like 9 days or so and we will see where they are at....remember to come back and look tabishidu
  17. you can rest assured that i will be back. I love pictures of weed.

  18. As promised I am back with pics. Out of six plants 3 turned male and 3 are confirmed female. Two look pretty good and one is shorter and skinnier. I have pics of the better one for you to see. Here they are.

    Pic 1 is clearly a male I just wanted to post it for other people to see. Second pic shows buds starting and the others speak for themselves. Now do you all think it may finish. Any change of hearts? The plant, as you can see, is at least 2 feet tall....

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    yeah man im kind of in the same boat as you. i have sativas which finish late and are just showing signs of sex. but they are about on average 8 ft tall. one of them is now about 14 ft tall. i doubt theyll finish but im not sure if i should leave them in the 22 gallon tubs of soil they are in suring a small frost or just pull them. do you think i would be better to leave them or pull them? there will be likely nothing on them by the time frost hits and i doubt a small dinky frost will wipe out a 14 foot tall tree lol. what do you guys think?
  20. Don't pull them. Don't pull that shit when it's already planted and grown. worst case scenario is that you lose the plants. best case scenario that you get a shit ton of bud.

    Rucca. Keep feeding it. It will grow. There will be bud. Enjoy.

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