Will they charge me in court?

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  1. Hey everybody.
    Just some background info.. I'm 20 years old and last week I got charged with an MIP (for a beer that I wasn't even holding) and the cops asked if I had a fake ID on me. I had 2, so I handed them over, and the cops just took them and didn't say anything about it. They didn't write anything about the fake IDs on my ticket, all they wrote was minor in possession. When I go to court, will they be able to charge me for the fake IDs too? Even if they aren't written on my ticket?

    Fuck the cops. They are scum.
  2. Why did you give them your ID's man? Technically you could be charged with fraud/ intent to fraudster identity but the fact he didnt write it up probably bodes well. I am not accustomed to the US justice system though...

    Yeah fuck the 5o, but it sounds like u may have got of lightly this time
  3. Well I think they just let me off "lightly" because I wasn't drunk and was very cooperative. And they asked me "if we search your purse will we find anything illegal? Go ahead and tell us now." so I just was scared and handed them over.
  4. Nice username :smoke: buuuut I honestly think you won't get anything but a slap on the wrist, since your one year from the drinkig age, wasn't drunk etc. I wouldn't fret, do you have a date yet?
  5. I WISH a slap on the wrist was all they gave me. Where I'm from, MIP's are a hefty $665 fine and I have to also do community service.
  6. You can try and fight it in court? Or is it where when you get an mip that's that. My state/town you can fight it.
  7. Nope.

    Unless the officer charged you during the crime you can't be charged latter. I bet he didn't pay attention.
  8. That's fucked:/ I'm sorry...if it helps any I have to pay shopko off 195$ in fines:/
  9. you're good with the i.d. the cop probably didn't wanna do more paperwork. good luck paying for that fine tho
  10. No, you won't. They have to tell you what you're being charged for, and if they didn't tell you that, you can fight it in court if it does happen. And plus, having a fake ID is a automatic arrest, no fines for that.

    Your fine.
  11. This is not true in the least. Each type of crime has a specific statute of limitations, and that statute of limitations specifies the maximum amount of time that can transpire between a particular action, and the resulting legal proceedings. Usually this time is measured in years. Did you know you can be mailed a traffic ticket without ever getting pulled over? Nothing has to happen on-the-spot.

    The cop could technically wait a few months and then charge you, but since he has nothing to gain by doing that it seems possible that he just destroyed the ID's.

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