will they be ok?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by buzzlighthead, May 16, 2002.

  1. hi....i'm a little worried...going on vacation on sunday and wont be back til thurs.....i have 5 plants in soil beginning 12/12 flowering cycle tomorrow...if i water real heavy the sat nite will they be alright til i get back on thursday....up to this point my plants have only needed watered about every 3 days....this is an indoor grow, under 400 wt mh....how much upward growth should i plan for in the first 5 days of flowering...gotta make sure the light is high enough so my babys dont get burnt....any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated....also should i feed them any bloom booster in the first week of flowering?........thx
  2. should u water real heavy? dude, use some common sense.
  3. Saturate well..before you leave...also place pan or buckets of water(a fan blowing on the water will help) to increase humidity,,this will help,, keeping moisture present in the air will slow evaporation...soda bottle mounted to wall upside down,with tubing through cap,pinched so as to drip into each pot will also help keep soil moist for a few days.....

    Flowering will also reduce the light time,,also reducing the water evaporation....

  4. thanks ndica...thats some good advice....never thought of putting water with a fan on it to raise humidity in the grow area....also. i figured the water useage would be less for the
    plants in 12/12 flowering.....under 20/4 cycle i was watering about every 3 days...should i give them a diuted shot of bloom booster before i go?......what do you recommend?.....

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